Lorie O'Clare


Lorie O'Clare
Release Date
October 2013
Book 11 of lunewulf
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Cariboo lunewulf and Malta werewolf collide in this incredibly erotic love story! Magda Keller is on the run. The entire planet wants her dead because of her breeding. But when she runs into Ayden Toubec, she meets the one werewolf who doesn't want to kill her. Will their love for each other be strong enough to keep them alive in a world that now wants both of them dead?

Book Review by Vixhen (reviewer)
Feb 09, 2014
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Magda Keller spent her life on the run. As half Malta werewolf and half Cariboo lunewolf, she's knows what it's like to be hunted and hated. She was fine with her life as it was. The last thing she needed in her life was a full bred Cariboo lunewolf male who gave new meaning to the word alpha. Ayden Toubec had sensed trouble and could smell a female's fear in the air. When he caught sight of the most beautiful he'd ever seen, he knew she was the one. Though Magda thought she was hidden from view, she couldn't keep Ayden from tracking and pursuing her. She knew any chance of her having anything kind of relationship with Ayden was nothing more than wishful thinking. She couldn't deny her feelings for her him, though. Soon enough it was clear that Ayden wanted more from her than for her to belly up for him. He wanted her as his mate. Those feelings quickly became mutual, but Magda knew the hell Ayden would go through with her as his mate. Magda goes on the run, but Ayden is hot on her tail. Will he find her before she disappears forever and takes his heart with her?

I loved the exchange between Magda and Ayden. Their chemistry was off the charts HOT!!! However, the story dragged a little bit for me at times, usually when the lovers shifted into wolf form. While the author did a great job of writing the story from the wolf's perspective, personally I felt disconnected from the characters during those times. The writer showed great skill at creating a world full of varied paranormal characters. All in all this was a good story with a two very determined, sexy characters that is definitely worth reading.
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