Angel of Kindness

Joanne Rawson
Angel of Kindness
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Melange Books
Release Date
November 2013

Megan Shepard was not looking forward to Christmas. Now divorced, all she had to look forward to was spending Christmas in Derbyshire, with her sixty four year old, bisexual, hippie mother, and a scrawny little sapling tree, overdressed with cheap decorations from the pound shop. However, her friends had other ideas, like taking her to Pinkie's Night Club, their old stomping ground as teenagers. This brought back memories of rah-rah skirts, fishnets, and legwarmers dancing to Madonna, until the DJ played The Power of Love, whereupon Richie King would take her hand and lead her to the dance floor. Seeing Richie leaning against the bar in his unforgettable Danny Zucko pose, she knows the right thing to do would be to walk in the opposite direction, yet finds herself walking straight to him, and taking the advice of her unconventional mother. Swept off her feet to the winter wonderland of Manchester's Christmas Market, romantic walks in the snow of the Derbyshire Peak District, and fireside dinners, she has to wonder if Richie really changed, or has he something to hide?

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Nov 24, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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He was her first love and the bad boy she never forgot. For him, no other woman had ever measured up to her. They'd gone their separate ways, and thirty years had come and gone. Could they rekindle that old flame or had time changed them both beyond recognition?

As a teen, Megan Shepherd fell hard for Richie King, but Richie lived just a hair's breadth within the law and her disapproving grandparents warned her Richie would never amount to much. Sneaking around behind her grandparents' backs grew old and, with college looming, Megan officially broke things off with Richie and she eventually moved to London and married someone else.

When her husband had a mid-life crisis and Megan discovered he was cheating, she ended a lengthy but lackluster marriage and found herself back in her hometown as a recent divorcee staying with her bisexual hippie mother during her Christmas holidays from work.

During a reunion night out with her old girlfriends, Megan discovered Richie King now owned the night club that had once been their old teenage haunt, as well as several popular clubs in other cities. Apparently Richie had made out well in life, but whether he'd managed to find success on the right side of the law was questionable. Still, once she and Richie locked eyes again, the particulars of how Richie obtained his current lifestyle didn't seem to matter quite as much. Yes, a lot of time had passed and they both had broken marriages, but it was almost as if they were teens again and had never lost contact.

Sadly, Meghan wasn't planning to stay in Derbyshire since her home and career in East London was all she had left. But, Richie, charming as ever, miraculously seemed the same, yet different, and those old feelings were resuscitating under the pointed attentions of an old flame that never fully extinguished. Was what was rekindling between Megan and Richie the truth, or was it merely a distraction based on old and wishful teenage dreams?

No matter the age of her characters or the situations they find themselves in, the very talented Joanne Rawson always manages to keep her stories engaging and entertaining from start to finish. Exploring the subject matter of first love, old chemistry reignites between Megan and Richie, but their present lives are rather far apart and their adult life experiences have tainted their views of marriage, love, and happiness. They each have fond memories of their youthful relationship, but the long-ago warnings of Megan's grandparents still resonate and, once again, have Megan questioning her heart and mind with regards to Richie.

Secondary characters, such as Megan's free-spirited mother, add contrast, sparkle, and a dose of sound common sense that makes this tale a perfect but quirky holiday romance that wraps the reader in the warmth of love and holiday magic.
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