The Reluctant Queen

Mychael Black
The Reluctant Queen
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Changeling Press, LLC
Release Date
November 2013
Book 1 of Clutch Wars
Erotic Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Tia Brooks left her home in Marcus Deleon's wolf pack out of duty to her own people. As the last female dragon shapeshifter, it falls on her to reestablish the species. Her escort, Loren Cole, is taking her to the dragons' king: Bryn. Tia barely remembers Bryn at all from their time as drakelings, and she certainly never saw Loren before he showed up at Marcus'. Preservation of their kind means mating, which shouldn't be a problem...except she doesn't want to be a queen.

When a figure from Loren's past attempts to quench all chances of their survival, Bryn and Loren chase the enemy into the depths of the earth, desperate to reach Tia before it's too late.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Nov 23, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Melting hawt manlove is on the menu for this new series from Mychael Black. For dragonshifter lovers, this is a good new series to start reading.

Tia Brooks is a royal female dragon who lives outside of the clan because of her wanderlust and her abhorrence towards politics. Due to an attack on her kind, she's forced to breed with a royal male to secure their future.

This sounds like a doom and gloom story. Knowing Mychael Black, however, the reader can anticipate hawt and steamy sex overriding the conflict and resolving in a happily ever after. This story does not disappoint. Tia remembers Bryn, the new dragon king, from when she was young. On her way to reunite with him, she enjoys the attentions she receives from his commander of guards, Loren. Tia immediately realizes there is a bond between Loren and Bryn. And she's all for it.

The plot of this story is very light and just enough developed to give a barebone framework. What is graphic and enjoyable is the sensual ménage between the three. It's fast, furious and arousing. It's perfect for readers who want a little uncomplicated erotic Sunday afternoon read. There are some conflicts in the story which will help tie in to the next installment. But really, let's focus on what this story is really about--decadent dragon mating between a powerful triad.

This paranormal romance is recommended for dragon lovers who also love their mmf ménage.
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