Lyn Gala
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Loose Id
Release Date
October 2013
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Corporal Jacqs Glebov is a simple soldier who wants a bunk, decent food, and the company of other battle-hardened men and women who understand the realities of fighting. Instead he's stuck patrolling a remote corner of the border with cadets straight out of boot camp. They don't understand him, and he sure doesn't have an ounce of respect for them.

After a field promotion, Earth sends Commander Zeke Waters to the Candiru for some practical experience in a leadership role. Instead, Zeke falls in lust with the adamantly heterosexual Jacqs. The way Jacqs fights and the way he sees the world draws Zeke closer, even if common sense tells him to walk away.

Even if they can find a way to find to reconcile their sexual differences, they are both still soldiers. The war will eventually take them away from each other unless they can find a way to escape the rules that have defined their lives.

Book Review by KindleRomance (reviewer)
Nov 23, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Phenomenal and romantic adventure in deep space with wonderful characters and an intriguing plot that kept me completely entranced from the beginning to the end.

Corporal Jacqs Glebov and Commander Zeke Waters are stationed on the Candiru, a spaceship patrolling the borders while humans are at war with the Ba'kel. As Jacqs and Zeke begin to develop their relationship, they must also deal with their crew, ship politics, and changes in the war climate.

The entire story is told from Jacqs' point of view, and he has definitely been added to my list of favorite characters. I loved the way he was always so blunt and honest. He told you how it was and never played games. Once he knew what he wanted, he went after it. He took his work seriously, and quickly became frustrated when others didn't do the same. In his opinion, he wasn't book smart, but I thought his street smarts were worth significantly more in this world. He also had a heart of gold and was always protecting those weaker than him without giving it a second thought. Listening to everything from his viewpoint was addictive.

I also adored Zeke! He was the perfect complement to Jacqs. He was patient enough to truly get to know how amazing Jacqs was, and he always made sure he understood whatever point Jacqs was making. To top it off, the sex scenes were incredible. They would have full-blown knockdown fights leading to hot and heavy sex, and it was amazingly steamy because it matched their lives and personalities.

I simply couldn't get enough of this world the author built. It had the perfect balance of science fiction and reality without an excessive amount of new terminology. Although there were quite a few people on the ship, I actually felt like I knew most of them which is pretty amazing for me. The ending of this story was brilliant and realistic.

Extraordinary storytelling and incredible character development made this science-fiction adventure a definite keeper!
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Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Dec 19, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Fans of Serenity, this is a story for you. Did you like Jane on Serenity? I did. In TURBULENCE, it appears Ms. Gala took a page out of Serenity and created Jaqcs, inspired by Jane.

Jacqs is a man without any pretense. What you see is what you get with him. His sense of logic is refreshing. He's the kind of guy where you always know where you stand. He is also a person who lives in the moment. When he doesn't understand something, he figures it out or determines it isn't worth the time spent. What is really impressive about Jacqs is his ability to work through an issue and make a decisive decision. While a reader could say he is extremely prejudice with the stereotypes he believes, that would be an oversimplification. He is actually very open-minded. He makes up his mind. If new information comes available, he will work through it and determine if he needs to change his stance. I love Jacqs.

Jacqs is a man who does not suffer fools lightly. He is the one who will fight for those who are weaker. A lot of it can be attributed to how he grew up. It's heartbreaking. Yet he isn't a victim. Nor did he turn into someone like his tormentors. Instead, he stuck to his morals even when he probably could have taken the easy way out. He's a man of ethics stuck in a world of selfish lying wimps. I pity Jaqcs and his lack of pretense to help him ease through life. He possesses absolutely no social lubricant. One passage really stuck with me about him when he describes how he doled out justice:

"I dragged him up to the water reserve and shoved his head under. Each time I waited until he lost his breath, until he had to stare at a cold, wet death before I pulled him out. And then I explained that those refugees felt exactly like that--like they were drowning and gasping for one more mouthful of air, never knowing when they weren't going to come up again. (p. 86)"

Ms. Gala does an excellent job world building as well as character building. This world is bleak with aliens overrunning the humans. The humans are losing. Families are torn apart. Despite all of this, there are still humans who persist in making the world a better place.

While this could be a doom and gloom sob story, she balances it with humour and glorious sex. The sex in this story is appealing because it's a journey of erotic awakening. There are many different types of "sexual" categorizations. It's more than just heterosexual, homosexual or bi-sexual. While people are starting to use the terminology pansexual, Ms. Gala invents a few more which are interesting. Is it splitting hairs? Perhaps, but it's fun to see her lexicon and determine where a person fits. For example, this new term "steno" caught my attention. A steno is someone who is attracted to a certain characteristic. It could be physical or not. Turns out, I think I'm just like Jacqs. We are both interested in the same type of person.

Jacqs' love interest is Commander Zeke Waters. Zeke is a war veteran and absolutely divine. When he and Jacqs gets it on, it is fireworks every time. Ms. Gala does a great job of building the sexual tension before she lets it explode. The sensual explosion is delicious and with just the right amount of frequency. By the end of the story, I'm completely enamoured of both Jacqs and Zeke. They are the type of men I wish more people would aspire to be.

While there probably isn't a sequel, it would be fabulous if there would be one. I'd love to read more about Jaqs and Zeke, even if it were just a sexy novella. This sci-fi m/m romance is highly recommended to those who love alpha men with hearts of gold.
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