Loving Damien

Brooke Adams
Loving Damien
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eXcessica publishing
Release Date
November 2010
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Andrea Blair and Damien King are childhood friends, although their destinies couldn't be more different. Andrea is human, while Damien belongs to a breed of powerful vampires who are born to immortal parents and live seemingly ordinary lives until they turn thirty, when they are bound by the timeless moon ritual to find a mate among their own kind or risk losing their immortality.

Despite being an irresistibly attractive uptown executive, Damien is a ruthless predator with an insatiable craving for human blood. But his craving for Andrea is equally as strong and he will stop at nothing to make her his mate against all odds, even if it means breaking ancient rules or saving her from other vampires. However, Andrea fears the consequences of loving a bloodthirsty vampire and desperately fights her secret longing to give in to his increasingly sexual demands.

Now, with his thirtieth birthday just a month away, Damien is racing against time to consummate the ritual before the last phase of the lunar eclipse, when must convince Andrea to give herself willingly to him in flesh… and blood.

But humans are off-limits to vampires, except to feed on.

Book Review by Eta
Mar 10, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This sweet short novel will refresh your one afternoon. This book has passion, love and intrigue to warm up and to keep you on edge.

Andrea and Damien are best friends from childhood. This friendship has only grown over time creating a love that is never spoken aloud.

Ms Adams has created two very different characters: Andrea, a beautiful woman who faithfully kept the secret of her best friend, but even better, kept her own secrets—emotions that were growing; and Damien, a sexy vampire, a powerful and successful man who decided to have by his side a women that he loves or to give up his immortality…

In this short novel, the protagonists never separated. They protected one another, and after they started to work together, their mutual love only grew. The plot begins with the approach of Damien's thirtieth birthday. In the vampire world, that means he must choose a woman with whom to spend the rest of eternity or to give up his immortality. In Andrea's eyes, that means giving up love of her life.

This is a very short novel so the character development and their emotional maturity are quickly presented. The primary story deals with their real situation and follows their struggles and decisions. And beneath that, the emotions and their maturation and change of both main characters are clearly depicted.

The book develops with an easy pace and it is easy to read. There are a small number of characters so it is easy to follow this cute story. The plot is additionally spiced with intrigue of the sexy wicked vampire Denise, which heightens the plot.

Conversations among the characters are simple. In my opinion, the story is lacking in deeper conversation and romantic scenes. Perhaps more detailed introduction to the characters would give one more depth to the story. For me, the justification for all this is that the story is short. Any detailing would change the base of the book.

What I would single out that I liked would be the love between Andrea and Damien. Something pure and complete honesty and yet a lot of desire and passion lies between these two characters. Ms Adams has shown that even a man who hides a monster within himself could love as much as the most fragile human being could. In this book, vampires do kill innocents. And Andrea was able to cross over all.

In this book, there are not many hot scenes. The whole story is primarily based on emotions. It has passion, desire and a couple of steamy scenes, but not what one would expect from an erotic romance.

The book was good. I did not lose my breath, but it was nice to read a story that shows love can still triumph in spite of everything.
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