Wait For Me

Lissa Matthews
Wait For Me


Lissa Matthews
Release Date
May 2013
Contemporary Romance

Approximately 16, 250 words.

Melody Ashford has been in love with Vinny Banks since she was sixteen. He told her to wait, come back to him when she was legal. Two years later she crawled into his bed and never wanted to crawl out. They spent one blissful summer together before he left for boot camp and life in the military.

He comes back to their little South Carolina town as often as he can, but then leaves again for parts unknown. The heartache, the pitiful looks, the sympathetic smiles Mel receives when Vinny departs takes its toll and she copes in the only ways she knows how: work, friends, and the casual companionship of guys she's known all her life.

Vinny nor Melody knew what waiting would be like, especially when he reenlists for a second stint. If Vin were a better man, he'd set her free. But he's not, and it would kill him to let go of the one thing more precious than life.

Their love is volatile, and full of passion. No one has ever touched her, but Vinny's never said the words, never asked the question that would ensure no one else ever does. He's got secrets and missions he can't share, and she's got dreams of a life with him in her bed every night. Can they put both aside and simply love one another until the time is right, or is his request too little too late?


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