Use Your Illusion

Jade Falconer
Use Your Illusion
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Phaze Books
Release Date
October 2010
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Tanner can't help but lust after sexy football player Brent. But Brent's straight, or so Tanner thinks, so Tanner dresses like a hot girl to flirt with him at a party.

But Tanner is a little too convincing, and Brent really wants to get to know "her" better. When the truth is revealed, Brent isn't the only who is surprised.

Book Review by Nicole
Jan 11, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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USE YOUR ILLUSION explores one college boy's willingness to do anything to have one night with his crush.

Brent is a sexy football player who, to Tanner, seems straight as an arrow. Tanner has had a quiet crush on Brent that infiltrates his thoughts until he can stand it no longer, so he hatches a risky plan just to experience any small pleasure he can. Tanner's plan: to dress up as a female, attend a party, and seduce Brent. But both Brent and Tanner get more than they bargained for.

This short little bit is a fun read. With a plot like this, the author can venture into awkward scenes, and although there were some moments in which the reader had to really suspend their sense of disbelief, it works. My normal response to such short stories is to say that an author could have improved the story by adding length thereby adding more intense character development and character connections, but I would say the opposite here. The length of the story works in its favor, and what seems to me to be an unresolved ending is the most realistic ending the reader could get without delving into an intense story which would take away from the light nature of the read. The author kept up the illusion for 30 pages, and that worked for me.
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