Just a Holiday Fling

Tiffany Marie
Just a Holiday Fling
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
December 2013
Book 1 of Pine Lake
Contemporary Romance

Samantha isn't feeling very festive as she heads back to her childhood hometown for Christmas—but being alone, homeless, and verging on jobless can do that to a woman. She has no interest in participating in the town Christmas celebrations and would rather just crawl into bed until the holidays are over. Determined to get back into the Christmas spirit, Sam plans on seducing her childhood best friend—and fantasy guy— Jack. A holiday fling will be just the thing to kick her Scrooge-like attitude.

Jack's been in love with Samantha for years, but he didn't make his move before someone else did. Now she's finally single again, and Jack's not going to waste any time. He has a little over a week to convince Samantha they belong together, and that moving back to their childhood town to be with him is the right thing to do. As he woos her with carriage rides and homemade desserts, he learns Sam has been offered a new job half-way across the country, and he fears he's about to lose her all over again.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Feb 15, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Her life in Boston was unraveling fast and her heart just wasn't in the Christmas holiday visit to her father's home in Pine Lake. Once there, she suspected a quick and casual fling with her old crush--the boy next door--might help her get her groove back, but what if it gave her less than charmed life another path to consider?

Samantha Tate's life was in a rut. She'd been dumped by the man she was supposed to marry and lost her condo when she couldn't afford the payments after he left her. She fell further into emotional turmoil after an alcohol-induced one-night-stand with her boss resulted in another female co-worker getting a promotion, followed by her boss telling her that if she reported his behavior, he'd see she got fired. She had a standing job offer in Chicago, but moving half way across the country to a city where she had no friends and family was a scary prospect. Never had she felt less like celebrating Christmas in her hometown, but running into hunky Jack Parker the night she arrived at her father's house had Samantha contemplating a way to help her forget her troubles. After all, a no strings holiday fling with her old crush might distract her until she made up her mind about returning to a broken life in Boston or taking a chance on the great unknown in Chicago.

Years ago, Jack Parker had waited too long to make a play for Samantha and wound up watching her move away to Boston and form a long-term relationship with another man. Now that Samantha was single again, he knew he had to use the short amount of time she'd be visiting Pine Lake to show her how he felt about her. He wanted nothing more than to have her spend all her time and all her nights with him, but getting a woman twice burned to take a chance on the guy who used to be the boy next door was easier said than done. Deep down Jack knew Samantha could have a happy, love-filled life with him in Pine Lake if she'd only open her stubborn heart and mind to the possibility of love and happiness with a man in the town she left behind. Yet, convincing Samantha they had more than a casual relationship was proving a hard sell.

Tiffany Marie has outdone herself with this sexy friends-to-lovers Christmas romance. Her plausible plot and nicely detailed writing style bring Samantha and Jack, as well as the small town of Pine Lake, to life in all its brightly tinseled glory. The underlying seriousness of Samantha and Jack's evolving relationship is countered by an amusing holiday decorating rivalry between their fathers, Jack's mother's determined matchmaking skills, a small town's impressive holiday festivities, and the sweet memories of an old crush that was never one-sided. There's definitely something special about a book that combines angst, drama, longing, hometown holidays, and a love that feels like coming home. Contains scenes of a sexual nature and lots of cake and cookies. Yummy!
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