The 30 Day Dom

Alaska Angelini
The 30 Day Dom
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
November 2013
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Cruz knows it's time to find a sub. When he's introduced to Jane, a protected sub from a private agency, they have an immediate connection. She's everything he has always wanted in a submissive. Her need for protection is exactly what the Dom in him craves. But he can't ignore the nagging feeling that he knows her from somewhere.

Jane's attraction to Cruz is automatic. Her body burns for him, and he quiets her mind from the fears of her past. But one night of explosive passion quickly puts their Dom and sub relationship to the ultimate test. With her possessive ex-master searching for her, and an unplanned pregnancy testing their bond, can Cruz and Jane overcome the obstacles and find happiness? Or will Ben find a way to separate the two before they even get started?

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Dec 19, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Fate seems to be pulling all the strings, and making things lively and unpredictable, in the lives of Jane and Cruz in THE 30 DAY DOM.

Cruz knows he needs a sub but he doesn't seem to be able to find one who is to his liking. While it is slightly embarrassing for him, he calls a friend at Dom X to ask for help. Dom X is an agency that provides help and protection to subs who find themselves in bad or abusive relationships. Dom X seems to have the perfect woman for Cruz, but warns him she comes with the baggage of a powerful ex-Dom she ran from and who is still looking for her. Cruz agrees to trial this sub, Jane, for 30 days to see how the two of them get along.

When Jane and Cruz meet for the first time, there is an inexplicable connection that both of them immediately feel. When the two of them discover that this is not the first time their paths have crossed, they are both thrilled. When it seems things couldn't get any better for the two of them, fate steps in with broken condoms and her ex finally tracking her down. Cruz will do anything to protect Jane now that he has claimed her, but she is uncertain she is willing to let Cruz risk his life for her.

This story is fun and steamy while at the same time dark and scary, a perfect combination of elements that had me devouring this book. The powerful, criminal, ex-Dom was a unique twist and a great plot point for this story. The emotions were powerful, from the love and lust to the fear and uncertainty, and the author did a great job of portraying each and every one of them.

I really enjoyed the dynamics of this Dom/sub relationship and how important it was for Cruz to teach Jane that she was valuable and important and that being a sub did not make her less of a person. These two truly were perfect for each other and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about their journey.
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