Spellbound for Love Vol 2

D. McEntire
Spellbound for Love Vol 2


Secret Cravings Publishing
Release Date
July 2013
Book 2 of Spellbound for Love
Paranormal Romance

Jaguar Frisking Tess Joyner, NYPD Detective, discovers the theft of the Miloni Jaguar Paw from the city's museum is more than a theft of an ancient artifact when Davi enters the picture and reveals an important secret. A book written by Davi's Miloni ancestors foretells of a ritual requiring the paw and pure Miloni blood. If the two cannot stop the ritual, all those possessing Miloni blood will die, including Davi. Seeking the help of a human is the last thing Davi thought he'd do, but the fate of his people, even those with only half Miloni blood, such as the child soon to be born of his brother's human mate, pushes his ego aside. Davi finds he has a heart after all, one that not only beats for the love of his people, but for a human he prays will not turn her back once she knows his jaguar secret. Baring Fangs A late night run for ice cream manages to turn Mindy Peterson's life upside and thrusts her into a world from which she can never emerge. Finding her lost fiancé turns into a less than happy reunion when she discovers him to be something different than the man she once loved—a vampire. Marc finds his job as hunter of rogue vampires more important than ever when one threatens a pregnant human female who has claimed his entire focus, and his heart. He must find and stop her fiancé and the man's maker before they succeed in getting what they want—Mindy's baby.


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