Good Faith

Liz Crowe
Good Faith
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Tri Destiny Publishing
Release Date
January 2014
Book 8 of Stewart Realty
Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Strong personalities—volatile marriages—stressful careers—conflicting goals—difficult children.

Contemporary challenges facing close-knit families form the crucible that forges a new generation.

Brandis, Gabriel, Blair and Lillian emerge from the entanglement of their parents' longstanding emotional connections, but one's star will burn brighter – and hotter – than the others.

With a personality that consumes everyone and everything in its path, Brandis Gordon struggles to maintain control as he ricochets between wild success and miserable failure. His life proves how even the strongest relationships can be strangled by the ties that bind.

Brandis and Gabe Frietag are as close as any brothers, bound by both loyalty and fierce rivalry. The strength of their ultimate alliance is tested time and again by Brandis' choices.

Companions from birth, Blair Frietag and Lillian Robinson share loner tendencies, but come to rely on each other through adolescence. As they mature, both are forced to confront their feelings for the men they knew as boys.

Somewhere between the tangle of good memories and bad, independence and addiction, optimism and despair, the intertwined destinies of the new generation finally collide, leaving some stronger, others broken, but none unscathed.

As a chronicle of three families navigating the minefields of teen years into the turbulence of young adulthood, Good Faith holds up a literary mirror to contemporary life with joys and temptations unflinchingly reflected. Its fresh, real-life voice portrays the sheer volatility of human nature, complete with the hopes, dreams, and unexpected setbacks of marriage, parenthood and "coming of age."

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jan 15, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I've learned that when reading books written by Liz Crowe, it's pretty much a prerequisite to have a box of tissues and a stress relief ball on hand. GOOD FAITH, book 8 of the Stewart Realty series, will take you on an extreme rollercoaster ride of emotions, culminating in a jaw-dropping finale that will take your breath away.

Growing up with parents who defined the very meaning of drama, this story follows the children of Jack and Sara Gordin, Rob and Lila Frietag, and Craig and Suzanne Robinson (as well as additional adult characters from other books in the series), the main characters in the previous installments of the Stewart Realty series.

Brandis Gordin is trouble with a capital "T" and everyone knows it. Brandis has a way about him that makes it impossible to ignore him...or stay away from him. In his vortex of self-destruction, Brandis destroys everything in his path, unable to control his vices and addictions regardless of the consequences. Even though Blair Frietag, the sister of his best friend Gabriel, centers him and makes him feel whole, he can't help but succumb to the horrors of his mind, putting her in danger time and time again.

Gabe struggles between being there for his best friend and protecting his sister at all costs. A deep and lifelong friendship between the two of them is tested as Brandis spirals toward ultimate destruction. Gabe has his own demons as well--unsure of his sexuality yet desperate to be with Lillian Robinson, the fire-haired beauty he's known since childhood. As these three families struggle with long-time friendships being tested, infidelity, addiction, pregnancy, happiness, utter desolation, temptation, dreams, love, lust and family, GOOD FAITH portrays a story of realistic, complicated individuals who are sometimes just trying to survive.

So, as a rabid fan of Ms. Crowe and her groundbreaking "Romance for Real Life" genre of books, I have devoured every novel in the Stewart Realty series with a voracious appetite. I have put my stomach through turmoil as I wait to see what drama this amazing author can think up next. Ms. Crowe didn't disappoint in GOOD FAITH. Reading about what the children of these individuals go through as they make their way toward adulthood was both disturbing and ingenious. I couldn't have predicted the depth of emotion that I would go through reading both the kids' path as well as the adults that I strangely consider friends. The minefields that each and every character goes through throughout the series but especially in GOOD FAITH makes me glad the series ended when it did. I don't think I could take much more!

It took me a while to read this book and write this review for a few reasons. I put off starting GOOD FAITH because I knew from reading excerpts and reviews that it wasn't going to be a lighthearted, easy read to get through. The complex story line and disturbing activities of almost every main character were both realistic and raw, touching me deeply. You can't help but relate, particularly to Brandis' character, since we all know a young adult who gets in over his head one way or another and has a hard time getting out. It could happen to any of us, and that's what makes the "Romance for Real Life" genre something unexpected and poignant. Additionally, the challenges that the adults face in their own relationships will ring frighteningly close to home for many readers as well, so don't think this book is all about the kids. There's still sex and fighting and infidelity and broken hearts and redemption for many of the characters...the trick is trying to decide your true feelings on what happens.

Discussing the plot of GOOD FAITH with any depth would only be cheating other readers out of the full experience of this novel, so I will say that this book is unlike any other Liz Crowe book out there right now. It's significantly darker, more disturbing and more thought-provoking than anything she's written to date, and I've read almost all of her work. I personally recommend this entire series to my friends and family, and I will also recommend it to you readers, for you will not find another author out there who affects you so profoundly...for better or worse. A lot of reviewers out there hated the way GOOD FAITH ends, and while certainly it was unexpected (and slightly traumatizing), I cannot imagine a more fitting end to this series.

Ms. Crowe, you have created something so unique and gut-wrenching that even a week after finishing this book, I still can't get the cast of characters out of my mind. Absolutely brilliant work.
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