Hometown Secrets

Dawn Flemington
Hometown Secrets
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Loose Id LLC
Release Date
November 2013
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ, Western Romance

An old secret. A new secret. A surprising secret. A dirty secret.

Coming to terms with his sexuality, Pete Stubbs has found his 'Mr. Wonderful' and wants to celebrate his happiness by coming out. Yet admitting he is gay to his family is taking more courage than he originally thought, especially when his mother stuns him with her unexpected homophobic hatred. He starts to wonder if his coming out will be more selfish than freeing.

Out and proud Asher Gilford is tired of always being the 'throw away boy'. He deserves to be loved by a man who's not ashamed to be with him. Though his current lover reassures him it's only that 'more time is needed' before they can go public, Asher fears he's becoming someone's 'dirty little secret' yet again.

When a church sponsors Pete and Asher for a charity event, it explodes a series of startling secrets within their hometown. As Pete watches life crumble around him, he realizes that by remaining in the closet, he could lose more than his family. If he doesn't step up, he could lose Asher.

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Jan 03, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Small town life with all of its secrets and fears are exposed in this sweet but intense and heartwarming story. The varied characters are written with the mix of good and bad; these are people you find in any small town.

Pete, a mechanic, is still deep into the closet. He's scared of what will happen if or when he comes out. He fears the worst, how it would effect him and his family and friends and wonders if it was even worth it. Especially when he is paired with out and proud Asher for a church charity event and this exposes his mother's homophobic side, as she goes on a rant of epic size.

Asher is gay, no more, no less. He's not always had it easy around town either. There are very small minds in this town with all of the prejudices that you find in most. This causes Pete to hide his budding relationship with Asher. And while he understands Pete's reluctance to come out to his family, Asher starts to push. But he's agreed to Pete's request to take it slow while they train together for the Cowboy Games, to give the town a chance to see them and get used to them together. And Pete starts to figure out that if he doesn't stop hiding, he's going to lose the best thing that's happened to him.

This story shows the ups and downs in life, of finding yourself and being true to who you are. Of having faith in those around you to love you no matter what. Nothing about the journey for Pete and Asher is easy. Beautifully written, HOMETOWN SECRETS is an emotional and satisfying read.
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