On Archimedes Street

Jefferson Parrish
On Archimedes Street
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
November 2013
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Just across the river from New Orleans, people cook, eat, ply their trades, pursue their hobbies, and live out their lives in the insulated bubble of Archimedes Street, lined with centuries-old live oaks. Honoria Abbott and Rita Simmons, Redemptorist professors and neighbors, are the salty matriarchs who rule the roost in this small fiefdom. Connoisseurs of M/M romance and aspiring matchmakers, they hatch a plot to awaken two of Honoria's students to each other's charms. The first step is to make Dutch and Flip roommates in Rita's shotgun-double apartment.

Dutch Abbott, a coddled, narcissistic rich boy, is drawn to the down-to-earth Flip, a transfer student with good looks and a pugnacious attitude. Secure in his self-esteem, Flip Abbott starts to question everything he ever believed about himself after he meets the arrogant but undeniably brilliant Dutch.

Little do Honoria and Rita know that their matchmaking will swirl Archimedes Street into the eye of a domestic hurricane, complete with lost cats, teenage longing, shrewd trading of sexual favors, fierce culinary competition, and environmental activism sprinkled with a little white magic.

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Dec 24, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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ON ARCHIMEDES STREET is an eclectic, quirky and fun read. It does start slow and at the beginning you do need to get used to the unusual words from the Cajun dialect. Until you do get used to it, it can distract you from the story. And some of the words Dutch uses did send me to find a dictionary.

I found most of the characters a little strange. Dutch is a contrast, with his higher education vocabulary, but sophomoric humor, his wild, out there behavior and his do-anything-necessary to keep Flip. I was never really sure why Flip put up with Dutch. And it took me a good ways through the book before I started to like Dutch at all, but he sort of grew on me.

Flip is the more likable character, dealing with being away from home, Dutch and his randy behavior. This starts off with neither one of them ever having been in a gay relationship. And watching them grip and grope their way into falling in love with each other is a fun thing to watch.

I did enjoy the look at the city of New Orleans and its southern charm, its slower pace of life that the author showed in this story. And the look at this neighborhood and its cast of characters were well written.

There are several different story lines threaded throughout and it can be a challenge to keep them straight. Jefferson Parrish also writes the sex scenes from a different perspective, with both Dutch and Flip into smelling male pheromones and other bodily scents.

The secondary characters are a hodgepodge mix of people. There are the busybody matchmakers and voyeurs, Honoria and Rita. And the rest of the cast, with their wonderfully inventive names are at times laugh out loud funny, yet they were all real warm people. All in all, this book is well worth the effort to read it.
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