Bailey Bradford
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Totally Bound
Release Date
January 2014
Book 11 of Leopard's Spots
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Sabin just wants his powdered sugar donuts, until he meets a man that tastes better than any sweets Sabin's ever tried…
Sabin has watched his brother fall for a man, a human who was Nischal's mate. Sabin just wants his damned junk food, but no. A weird shifter named Cliff had to mention Sabin in a creepy text and now Sabin can't have a moment's peace.
Until he goes to town with Nisch and Preston, and meets his mate. Hey, no one can tell Sabin he can't be with his mate! Except his mate doesn't know anything about shifters, much less that he is one, and together Sabin and Emmett are thrown into a life or death race to discover a plot that threatens all of humanity… At least, the human part of it.

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Dec 20, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is an edgier story but still a great addition to the Leopard's Spots series. I love the BDSM element added here. While you can read these as standalone books, it's really better to read them in order since you have characters from the previous books returning here.

I love the contrast between the two main characters. Sabin, who has come from the Himalayas, has been sheltered most of his life. I loved his junk food obsession and powdered donuts; it's too cute. Sabin is a loveable character, sheltered, naive and yet so trusting of his mate Emmett. But at the same time, he teaches Emmett what it is to be a shifter. With the compound shut down for safety, going to town and exploring is high on his list of things to do given his cabin fever. When he gets to town he finds his mate, Emmett.

Emmett is a by-the-book agent for the FBI and he doesn't even know he's a shifter. But spying on the compound, he saw Sabin and can't understand the lust and pull he feels for this unknown person. It was fun watching Emmett go through the normal things a shifter goes through when they find their mate. This could be a classic case of Bear and a Twink, but with shifting thrown in, this is where the real fun between the two of them begins.

Cryptic messages from Cliff, a protector and distributor of vigilante justice for the shifters, hints that there are moles and maybe even shifters inside the FBI. Add in the mystery of how Emmett could be a shifter when his parents are both human? How is Emmett supposed to keep Sabin and the others safe, while flushing out anyone who might be the enemy while keeping his newfound shifting ability secret?

This is a fun and intriguing read, threading the dual storylines of the hunt for the enemy inside the FBI and the burgeoning relationship with its BDSM elements between Emmett and Sabin. The focus wasn't on the rest of the family as much as it has been in the other books in this series. Here the focus is on the relationship between the mates, Emmett's search for his true parentage and on the hunt for the mole inside the FBI. The hunt for the mole kept me guessing. This is a wonderful addition to one of my favorite series.
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