Gift of the Goddess

Kaje Harper
Gift of the Goddess
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Storm Moon Press
Release Date
September 2013
Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Garvin's lover Nyle has been kidnapped by a band of soldiers in need of a smith. In the king's army, that means he'll serve until he's dead, and Garvin will be damned if he'll let that happen. But Garvin's a small, slight man without the skills to follow and take on trained soldiers. For the first time in his life, Garvin prays to the Goddess for help, for enough guidance to get him to Nyle, so he can do whatever it takes to rescue the man he loves. And the Goddess answers him.

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Dec 11, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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GIFT OF THE GODDESS grabs you from the get-go and just doesn't let you go until the very end.

Garvin sets out to rescue his kidnapped lover, Nyle. Gavin is a physically small guy, so this required a lot of plotting and planning on his part. Not to mention, a lot of guts. It was him against six soldiers, but he didn't care, they weren't going to take what was his.

Garvin may not be as big as other guys, but that didn't stop him from being totally bad ass. He was smart, brave and just plain awesome when going up against the soldiers who took Nyle. I loved Garvin's bravery throughout the story; he made smart choices and stuck to them, no matter how badly things may have turned out for him. What I really loved about him was how he went against your normal M/M stereotype. Even though he was the smaller of the two, that did not stop him from being all bossy and toppy in the bedroom and that was all kinds of fantastic.

Flashbacks. I'm not usually a fan, but here they were necessary and they really worked for me. I loved how we were shown the backstory of this couple and how they met. Since this is a story with an established couple, and they are separated for over half the story, it was great to read about them being together. It helped me get to know the characters as a couple and to become more invested in them. We didn't get to see Nyle in 'real time' until the story was almost over, so without the flashbacks, I would have never known that he was a sweet, loving and protective hero for our Garvin.

There was tons of action and it was so fast-paced that I wasn't bored for a single second. From the moment Garvin called on The Goddess for her help until the last scene, I was hooked.
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