Fair Play

Nessa Vincent
Fair Play

Loose ID
Release Date
November 2013
Book 5 of Zephyr Ranch
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Jamie comes to his high school reunion on a mission: show everyone that the scared kid who was picked on for being gay has grown up into a sexy, confident lawyer. Maybe then he'll finally shake his fear of not fitting in.

Nick, once the worst of Jamie's bullies, has an agenda too. He's looking for Jamie...to apologize.

Though a stint in the army left Nick injured, humbled, and without a clear plan for his future, Jamie's skeptical that Nick has changed. Still, he doesn't fight the new sexual charge between them, even though his submissive tendencies and Nick's dominance seem like a recipe for high school all over again. A one-night stand with his former tormenter seems like just the thing to put the past behind him, but when he tries to walk away in the morning, he doesn't get very far.

He and Nick both are snatched by a band of werewolves and told they have a supernatural bond. Nick can see the supernatural world and Jamie…well, Jamie's apparently a kelpie.

Dismayed, Jamie fights their bond and their new reality, still believing Nick isn't trustworthy. Nick's determined to prove Jamie wrong and keep him safe. The combative supernatural world has them tightly in its grip; Nick and Jamie, though, have only each other to hold on to.
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