Work Ethics: Rules

S.R. Thornton
Work Ethics: Rules


S.R. Thornton
Release Date
December 2013
Book 1 of Work Ethics
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

After her mother's passing Samantha Connelly finds herself in Las Vegas living with her older sister. Despite her Master's degree in Advertising, her only option for work is in an Administrative role. Little did she know that accepting a position at Atronics Industries, one of the leading computer development companies as an Executive Assistant to the CEO and owner Gavin Aldridge, would be both frustrating and exhilarating all in one. Despite his authoritative, demanding, curt ways she still wants to know more about him. Her curious nature has her stealing his keys and entering the locked door in his house. The locked door leads to what he calls his playroom. A room filled with stripper poles, whips, a St. Andrews cross, swinging chairs, chains dangling from the ceiling and every toy a Master would want to use on his submissive. That inquisitive side has her removing her clothes and handing him a flogger telling him she wants to play. Samantha soon finds herself not only following his rules in the office, but also his playtime rules, punishment occurring when she breaks either.

But Gavin Aldridge has many secrets and his playroom is just one of those. He has a whole other side that involves allergies to garlic, avoidance of sun, and a thirst for blood that only those in his circle know about. Can he "play" with a mortal that he could possibly injure with his immortal strength? Can he keep his secret when he hears her heart race and blood pulse with excitement and his natural instinct to bite kicks in?


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