Karen and Brett at 326 Harper's Cove

Deanndra Hall
Karen and Brett at 326 Harper's Cove


Deanndra Hall
Release Date
November 2013
Book 1 of Harper's Cove
Erotic Romance

A new series from the author of the Love Under Construction series!

Meet the neighbors of Harper's Cove, a typical suburban neighborhood where each couple thinks they're the kinkiest on the cove. But are they?

The series kicks off with Karen and Brett at 326 Harper's Cove. A hard-working couple who are friendly but mind their own business, Karen and Brett have never done anything to anybody (well, at least nothing that they haven't been asked to do). Every week, Karen and Brett keep their secrets - all twelve of them - and their parties every Saturday night sometimes even result in a carry-over into the middle of the night and maybe even the next morning. So far, they've managed to keep their "secrets". Or have they?

Gloria is the self-appointed policing arm of the neighborhood. She pokes, pries, prods, and generally makes a nuisance of herself in every way possible, up to and including watching for the neighbors to come home so she can talk to them; well, actually, it's more like an interrogation! When she finds out anything, or even suspects, she runs right straight back to her long-suffering husband, Russell, and tells him all about it. Problem is, between her "cough syrup" in the morning, Bloody Mary lunches, happy hour variety, and evening entertainment mixers, not to mention her "in-between meal snacks," Gloria has a habit of making up or seeing things that aren't there. Even Russell's threats to return her to rehab don't slow her down. Gloria is sure every neighbor on the cove is up to something, and it's bound to be no good. And she intends to find out what they're up to, one address at a time.

Good thing Gloria can't see into their laundry room. She'd wonder why they had ten sets of sheets to wash every Sunday morning. And wouldn't she be surprised to know that those gallon bottles they're carrying in are lube and not liquor?

The Harper's Cove novellas are short, naughty, fun reads ideal for a steamy laugh, written in first person from the perspective


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