The Naughty List

Renee Rose, Maren Smith, Maddie Taylor, Dinah McLeod, Patty Devlin
The Naughty List


Blushing Books
Release Date
November 2013

The Naughty List Box Set - Available for a LIMITED TIME only! Each of these five books is all-new for the 2013 Holiday season. Almost 130,000 words of reading for one great low price.

Something Has to Give by Maren Smith (Author of #1 Erotic Romance bestseller "Kaylee's Keeper")

Freshly divorced and newly-discharged from the military, Quint Rydecker comes home for the first time since his wife left him, expecting to find his house empty and quiet.
Elsie Redding thinks she's found a place to call her own–an old abandoned farmhouse in the middle of the Utah desert–where she might finally evade the debts and hard times haunting her.

Now, like soldiers on opposing fields, Quint and Elsie wage war with that old farmhouse as the only prize. Both are determined to get rid of the other before winter closes in. But no matter how much she tries, Elsie can't seem to harden herself against the guilt of taking Quint's home; no matter how much he tries, Quint can't resist the lovely, kissable and all-too spankable Elsie's charms.

Something will have to give, and it might just be their hearts.

Saved by Renee Rose

Jack could not sink lower than working as a rent-a-cop at the department store, but with the injury to his leg during his tour to Iraq, his preferred careers are closed to him. The only bright spot of the job is watching Melinda, the vivacious brunette behind the cosmetics counter. When she takes off after a shoplifter, needlessly endangering herself, he threatens a spanking and to his surprise, finds she is amenable to his punishment.

Enamored with the dominant but wounded warrior who comes to her rescue, Melinda lets Jack take her in hand, but finds herself repeatedly shut out emotionally. Not understanding it results from self-loathing over his injury rather than a lack of interest, she writes him off. But when real danger threatens, in again.

Can he reveal his true feelings this time? And if so, will her submission to his discipline h


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