Priestess Unveiled

Nadi Oswald
Priestess Unveiled


Kindle Direct Publishing
Release Date
November 2013
Book 1 of The Ballards
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Historical Romance

Years after swearing to her mother she would become a virgin Priestess,Nova Ballard knows the time has come to be true to her word in spite of her own struggle with the calling. Youngest of her three witches sisters, she cannot betray her late mother's wish and has the duty to become the watchful seer of their community.
But right after the ceremony she is abducted by a stranger who means to use her oracular gift.

Hesperos Pyrrhus takes her to his fortress where she learns he is more than a dishevelled warrior: he is the souvereign of Sestos, a kingdom of Thrace. Can she hope to escape while she is slowly seduced by her captor? Will she learn more about her magic?

Set in an alternative Classical Antiquity Universe

She has vowed to remain chaste forever but can she resist the temptation of the flesh?


"As if she had been lost for a tremendous time, he had resigned himself to think of her face as a dream in vain, forbidden because out of sight it meant nothing no more to him only harming his flesh in recollecting these blue eyes of sea, this skin and features from other lands, a captive but not a prize, he realized now that hiding was akin to blindness, before he had known he was used to it and now Nova's face torched him like some blinding sun."

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