The Christmas Toast

Nya Rawlyns
The Christmas Toast
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Release Date
December 2013
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Romantic Comedy

Alan Randall Liebowitz is a man stuck in a pattern: right before the holidays his current significant other goes walkabout, leaving him alone … again.

Jacques Lambert is an up and comer chef with a bright future. Until his partner with benefits runs off, leaving him bankrupt and relying on the kindness of his family.

The local college holds night cooking classes, for seniors mostly. Jack's sister talks him into applying for a teaching spot. Alan's neighbor talks him into expanding his horizons.

When a lonesome foodie meets the chef of his dreams, more than the scallops are flambéed.

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author,reviewer)
Dec 26, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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As usual I loved the writing of Nya Rawlyns. THE CHRISTMAS TOAST is a short seasonal story but with such a feel good factor that it makes my heart beat a little faster as I cheer these two men on towards finding their happy-ever-after.

Alan Randall Liebowitz is once again left alone by a former lover. He's fed up, struggling to make ends meet and resigned to the fact he'll probably always be alone. Jacques 'Jack' Lambert is a rising star in the chef community, looking forward to becoming famous one day, until his partner with benefits leaves him in the lurch and bankrupt.

But of course, in true romantic style, a cooking class brings together the ingredients for a sizzling hot romance and these two men find more than they bargained for on their dinner plates....

I'm not usually a fan of insta-love, where two guys' eyes meet across a room and that's it--they are hooked and sinkered forever and fall in love within twenty-four hours. I imagine love at first sight happens and I'd never deny this, even though I haven't been lucky enough to experience it. Having said that, this story really pulled me along in every way possible, from that first meeting through the issues both men face, their first taste of despair when things don't quite work out as planned and the eventual discovery that the two of them are definitely meant to be in the same sauce.

Alan was definitely ready to take things further.....

He'd been ready to drop and spread his bum, right on the kitchen floor. Let Chef Jacques have his way with him, skewered and done to Pittsburgh rare. Bloody and raw and filled with hot, sweet cum.

But alas, in creating the perfect recipe for sexual fulfillment and attraction, there are bound to be some mishaps and sometimes the Chef has other ideas as to what ingredients to use.

But despite the initial encounter being rendered down to nothing more than a gooey mess in the pan, things soon pick up on the boil and the two men find themselves sharing more than just a starter.

I thoroughly enjoyed Alan and Jack's story. I giggled, oohed and aahed, felt the shock of their distress and the warmth in the heart (and elsewhere) when they finally got it all together. Yet another great read from Nya Rawlyns.
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