In the Den

Sierra Cartwright
In the Den
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Totally Bound
Release Date
December 2013
Book 6 of Mastered
BDSM, Erotic Romance

What could be more heady than the surrender of a powerfully dominant woman?

Dom Damien Lowell has always respected Domme Catrina Davidson. He likes the way she interacts with her subs, confident, kind, firm. And for years he's fantasised about her submitting to him. What could be hotter than having the sexy Domme squirming beneath his lash?

One evening, Damien challenges her, saying she'd be a much better Domme if she experienced submission…to him.

Catrina doesn't have a single, submissive tendency. But she's oh-so turned on when she watches a sub respond to him. A secret part of her is intrigued, and she asks herself, what harm can come from giving him two weeks?

Over the next fortnight, she is introduced to the pleasures and perils of servitude. She has to admit that he's right—her understanding of submission is deeper, more profound, than it would have been otherwise. But the private experiences they share in the Den leave her emotionally shattered, making her question everything she thought she knew.

In her unique way, Catrina too, challenges Damien, forcing him to grow as a Dom, and he wonders how the hell he'll ever be able to let her go.

Publisher's Note: This book can be read as a standalone, but is also part of the Mastered series.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Jan 06, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It is vexing when a Domme in a story is "forced" into seeing she's really a submissive, not a dominant. It is aggravating because it sends an insidious message that females are not really dominant. They are hiding their submission behind a cold disengaged facade. What it implies is the females become a dominatrix because she's either been rejected by a male or some other newfangled first world trumped up psychological disorder. In this story, it's the former. I'm feeling mixed about IN THE DEN.

Catrina Davidson is a much sought after Domme. She's really more of a Top than a Domme when a reader observes her interactions with her male bottoms. She is emotionally detached. She only services their sexual needs. This, to me, generally denotes service Top. She doesn't need or care for the intimacy or erotic power exchange based on trust and understanding. Instead, it's focused on the physical acts which result in mutual satisfaction. There is nothing wrong with this. Many people enjoy this and it can be plenty fun. Catrina's world is shifted when Damien Lowell, alpha Dom of this private BDSM club set his sights on her.

Let's stop for a moment. If this was reversed, and a Domme were to approach a Dom out of the blue, telling them that they are really submissive at heart, how do we think this would go over? Since Catrina didn't initiate the desire to test out the submissive side of the lifestyle, we'll go with the comparison of a Domme aggressively going after a well-known Dom and sticking a finger up his ass to entice him to submission.

Am I the only one that finds this offensive? It's not that I have a problem with people switching. I'm a switch. However, I prefer the dominant person to initiate the submissive contract. The way it's presented here, Damien is the know-it-all dominant who sees who Catrina really is, which is a submissive.

Despite the distaste left in my mouth from this premise, the BDSM is very good. Ms. Cartwright does an excellent job of showing the difference between D/s and Top/bottom. Although she does put Topping/bottoming in negative slant, the actions are still well demonstrated.

Damien is quite good at how to build trust into a relationship. He opens Catrina's eyes to what she's missing in her life. Damien's playfulness and how he keeps Catrina in an erotic haze is exquisite. I can work anywhere just like Catrina. I own a laptop and will travel. Damien creating a workspace for Catrina so he can intermingle BDSM throughout the workday is fabulous. It's a working submissive's fantasy come true. For me, it would be heaven. Just as everything seems to be going so well, Damien makes a faux pas which costs him quite a bit. This is a nice realistic touch. It makes Damien more human than a fantasy-perfect lover.

This D/s romance is recommended to those who want to see intimacy developed in a D/s relationship.
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