Actually, I'm Gay

Roxy Harte
Actually, I'm Gay
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Release Date
January 2011
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

The day after Colin MacNeill admits to his wife of nine years that he might be gay, he wakes up to find himself alone with his five-year-old autistic son, Kerrigan. It wasn't supposed to work out this way. He and his wife were best friends and his sexuality shouldn't matter. They should still be able to live under the same roof and raise their son together, right? What would be the harm if they both took secret lovers?

His day doesn't get any better when he has to take his son with him to the office and his boss suggests he take some time off...because obviously he has a lot to deal with, and bringing his son to the office isn't going to work out. His boss also takes the liberty of suggesting a summer camp for disabled children, and although Colin finds the idea of abandoning his child to the care of others abhorrent, he feels he doesn't have a choice. As a top-notch corporate attorney, he can't be expected to leave his clients hanging. Especially when the biggest case of his career is mere weeks away from trial. At least having his son at camp would give him time to locate his wife and try to convince her that his suggestion could work.

Meeting the camp's owner, Beau Delacroix, turns Colin's world upside down. His insane attraction to Beau is an impossible situation. The man is going to be working with his son all summer and an affair would be completely inappropriate. Besides, the ease with which Beau bonds to his son makes Colin feel like a hopeless failure.

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Feb 04, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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ACTUALLY, I'M GAY is one of the best books that I have read this year. Roxy Harte wrote a beautiful love story that touched me in ways that I really didn't expect and gave me a whole new appreciation for parents of autistic children.

Colin tells his wife that he doesn't want to have more children with her because he is gay. When he wakes up the next morning, she is gone, leaving not only him but their 4-year-old autistic son. Colin is a corporate lawyer who has been basically absent in the day to day caring of his son and is at a loss as to how to deal with Kerrigan and still do his job. When his partner suggests a summer camp that is specifically designed for autistic children, he is reluctant but doesn't feel he has much of a choice.

Beau never thought he would be back running the camp that his grandfather started, but when his grandfather passes away and then a few months later his dad is killed in an accident, he steps in to do what he was brought up to do. He is used to dealing with difficult parents who have a hard time leaving their children in his care, but he has never had a reaction to one like he has to Colin.

The relationship that develops between Beau and Colin is antagonistic at first. The camp doesn't allow parents to be there except on visiting weekends, but Colin tries to get around that by renting the cabin across the lake. Beau tries to explain to Colin that his presence is hindering Kerrigan's progress. Colin has a hard time believing that he can ever care for Kerrigan on his own and takes his frustration out on Beau.

When the camp experiences some trouble and Beau thinks he might have to close it, Colin steps in and does what he does best. As a corporate lawyer, he is the go-to person if your company is having PR and legal problems. But the real reason behind the trouble comes from the last place neither man expected.

I fell in love with these characters and with their story, and while there were aspects of the story line that I had problems with, like Kerrigan's mother just leaving her child, I loved the relationship that was built between Colin and his son. Things do happen quickly between Colin and Beau, but I didn't have a hard time believing it. I was sucked into the story and was happy to go along for the ride. The way the author describes how an autistic person's mind works read very real to me. And as long as you don't have a problem with public sex, or on the side of the road sex, you should come along for the ride too.
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