Time for Raine

C. Barry Denham
Time for Raine


Sweet Cravings Publishing
Release Date
September 2013
Contemporary Romance, Mainstream fiction

When widower Sean Sampson suspects his three-year-old adopted Chinese daughter has savant-psychic intelligence, he enlists the help of Dr. Noelle Victor, a renowned child psychologist, to confirm what he hopes isn't true. This type of intelligence can only spell trouble. When the child unknowingly exposes the corruption of a prominent U.S. Senator, Sean and Noelle are caught up in a political intrigue that threatens all of their lives. While fighting to protect the little girl from the Fed, a radical loyalist of the Senator and her own powers, the chemistry between them sizzles. Can Noelle prevent her attraction to Sean and fondness of the little girl from clouding her professional judgment? Can Sean lose his guilt and learn to trust the one woman who could be responsible for his losing the daughter he loves? Can either prevent the terrifying vision that predicts the child's own fate from happening?

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Dec 17, 2013
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Entrenched in the throes of pain and loss, taking care of the toddler he and his late wife had adopted from China was the only thing that gave his life any purpose; otherwise he was simply going through the motions of living. Having failed dismally in her personal relationships and skeptical she'd ever find love and start a family, helping her young patients and the prospect of growing her child psychology practice was the only truly fulfilling aspect of her life. The rapid and unexplained cognitive development of a thirty month old adopted child with the uncanny ability to see snippets of the future brings them together, but too much knowledge in one so young can prove dangerous in more ways than one.

Though he dearly loved his adopted daughter Raine, and she'd become the beautiful center of his world of self-imposed exile, Sean Sampson couldn't help but live with the regrets of ‘what if.' If his wife Patty hadn't insisted on foregoing treatment of her diagnosis of stage-four lymphoma in favor of immediate travel to China to proceed with infant Raine's adoption, maybe he'd still have his wife at his side. If he hadn't let Patty override his better judgment about starting cancer treatments sooner, maybe the two of them would have been able to still adopt Raine at a later date and be raising her together now. Maybe he'd still be writing bestsellers instead of living with grief and writer's block. And, maybe his discovery of the far too advanced learning abilities of his now two and a half year old daughter wouldn't be scaring the hell out of him if he had a mother's perspective of how to handle such an unexplainable situation.

Putting complete trust in Dr. Noelle Victor, a well-respected and recommended Pensacola child psychologist, was something Sean was most reluctant to do, especially when the tests she'd had administered to his daughter revealed Raine had extrasensory perception, as well as cognitive abilities well beyond what most of the adult population in the world ever attained. He knew his child could be exploited since few people, including him, could truly grasp Raine's uncanny gifts of insight, perception, and reasoning. Sean silently vowed to protect his daughter at any cost.

Any doctor with a patient like Raine had a lot to gain professionally from such a relationship if the media got wind of Raine's test results as Noelle predicted would eventually happen. Yet, despite his personal reservations about the doctor's motives and professional advice, a simmering attraction developed between Sean and Noelle, which was further complicated by Raine's obvious affection for the good doctor.

When the inevitable news of Raine's special abilities finally breaks, neither Sean nor Noelle is quite prepared for the media storm. Nor are they prepared for the interrogations, loss of privacy, and hidden dangers that a young child's candid revelations set into motion. Suddenly, their deepest fears are realized and it could tear apart their security and budding relationship they've built while protecting Raine.

Author C. Barry Denham has produced a finely crafted novel with all of the elements that make a book climb to the top of the bestseller lists. The story unfolds at a pace that kept me enthralled, and dialogue and characterizations were crisp and completely relatable. Further, the author was able to seamlessly switch point-of-view, while keeping me totally invested in the unfolding emotional drama.

Time for Raine is one of those contemporary mainstream novels that effortlessly combine intrigue and romance with a dynamic and fast-moving plot, which altogether culminates in a page-turning read. This was the first novel I've read by this author, but I doubt it will be my last. Time for Raine is most definitely worth reading and not to be missed!
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