The Temptation of Lady Serena

Ella Quinn
The Temptation of Lady Serena
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Release Date
January 2014
Historical Romance

Ella Quinn's bachelors in The Marriage Game series are charming and cunning when it comes to the ways of love-until the right woman captures their unsuspecting hearts...

Custom-made gowns...nights at the theater...and a host of eligible bachelors. Accustomed to living a quiet life in the Scottish Borderlands, Lady Serena Weir has never had any of these luxuries. But when Serena's brother demands she finally have a Season in London, she's thrust into a glamorous world she's only dreamed of...

Robert, Viscount Beaumont, remembers all too well what it feels like to be in love. That is why he must keep his distance from Serena. He's only felt his pulse stir the way it does now when he made the mistake of loving the wrong woman once before. Yet the more he strives to resist his feelings, the nearer he is to falling under Serena's seductive spell...

Book Review by illhaveanotherbook (reviewer)
Dec 16, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE TEMPTATION OF LADY SERENA is now one of my favorite books and Ella Quinn is my new favorite author!

Lady Serena Weir is in London for her first season. She is much older than the average debutante as she has been spent the last few years managing her family's estate in Scotland. Her brother has decided that it is time for her to select a husband so she is sent to London and the marriage mart. Shortly after arriving, she is introduced to Robert, Viscount Beaumont, and is instantly captivated by his good looks and charm.

Robert spies Serena first in Yorkshire and then again in London. While he does not know who she is, he is immediately attracted to her grace and beauty. He is quite surprised and delighted when he is introduced to her at his friend's house. Robert begins to pursue Serena with singleminded determination. Things are not moving as quickly as he would like, so Robert manipulates things to his advantage, or so he believes. What Robert doesn't count on is how far Serena will go for love.

I was absolutely delighted with THE SEDUCTION OF SERENA! I found myself caught up in Serena and Robert's story. It is just an enjoyable story to read. Serena and Robert are two people that genuinely care about one another.

Robert is your traditional autocratic rake. He wouldn't know love if it hit him on the head. He needs some gentle (and not so gentle) prodding from friends and family before he realizes what is staring him in the face. But Robert finally realizes that what he feels for Serena is love. And once he realizes it, he knows that his life will not be complete without Serena by his side.

Serena is also a wonderful character. She is strong and intelligent with a deep love for the people on her land. Serena knew pretty quickly that she loved Robert and wouldn't marry him unless he admitted that he loved her. I applauded Serena when she stayed true to her feelings even if that meant refusing his suit. While she loves Robert, she is not willing to marry him because society says she should.

Another aspect of the story that I really enjoyed was the timeline. Robert and Serena's story stretched over time. Their story was not easy or quick, but their journey was great to read as they went from acquaintances to lovers. It was beautiful.

THE TEMPTATION OF LADY SERENA is hands down one of the best historical romances I have read. It is a must read for anyone that wants a great love story.
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