Miss Bennett's Naughty Secret

Sandra Sookoo
Miss Bennett's Naughty Secret
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New Independence Books
Release Date
December 2013
Book 4 of Scandal in Surrey
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

She wants security… Miss Elinor Bennett—an American transplant to England—is at her wit's end. Alone and abandoned following the deaths of her parents and brother in unrelated accidents, her only means of escape from sadness is spying on the new neighbor—and allowing her fingers to wander.

He wants respect… Geoffrey Ansley, bastard son of an earl, has just inherited real estate in Surrey. A solicitor by trade and half-American by birth, he hopes his past won't follow him. Discovering the pretty redhead next door shares his adopted country is a happy accident. And though he wishes to be left alone, he can't banish his neighbor from his mind—especially after he catches her in a secret passage just outside his bedroom one night.

Sometimes fate is a fickle mistress… When a Guy Fawkes prank threatens to expose Elinor's penchant for scandalous exploits and puts Geoffrey's much valued reputation into jeopardy, they will need to decide what's more important—staying one step ahead of the rumor mongers or falling in love no matter the cost.

Book Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer)
Feb 12, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A hot merry chase!

MISS BENNETT'S NAUGHTY SECRET is an interesting erotic novel that uses a secret passageway as a means for a young lady to spy on a young handsome man and explore fantasies. She is called mad for her weirdness but he is called worse.

It seems that Miss Elinor Bennett has painfully lost everyone she has ever loved and vows to never love, marry, or even get close to another again for fear of this pain. She was traumatized and seeks gratification by her own means and without another person for they only cause pain. However, when her only close friend from childhood moves away, she searches the secret passageways for entertainment.

A new resident moves into Surrey, right into her friend's house. Feeling vulnerable and lonely though she won't admit it, she decides to find out about the new resident and explore the old passageways. She stumbles into the private rooms of a very handsome young man, Mr. Geoffrey Irvine Ansley. She can see him but he can't see her. She finds him in various states of undress and her imagination runs wild. Especially when she finds him in a bathtub. Her imagination gets the better of her after awhile and he hears her and discovers her secret...

This is a very erotic and sensual story that leads you on a hot merry chase. It is different and delightful but I felt there should have been a little more about Geoffrey's life in America or about Miss Bennett's family disasters before her aunt and uncle. I did get engrossed in the story and it is my understanding that it is a series, so I may be missing some vital information that made me feel this way. If that is the case, I apologize to the author and must search for her other books.

I gave the review rating of four stars for the above reason, but I must confess it is a grand romantic fanciful story.
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