All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy

Jennifer Ryan; Katie Lane; Emma Cane
All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy
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Avon Impulse
Release Date
December 2013
Contemporary Romance, Western Romance

From Emma Cane, Jennifer Ryan, and Katie Lane come three wildly romantic holiday stories featuring snowstorms, proposals, a sleigh ride … and, yes, cowboys.

The Christmas Cabin by Emma Cane

Sandy and her young son, Nate, are Christmas tree–hunting when a snowstorm strikes and an old ranch hand points them to an abandoned cabin. Little does Sandy know he sent cowboy Doug Thalberg to the same place. It's a Christmas all of Valentine Valley will remember.

Can't Wait by Jennifer Ryan

Before The Hunted Series began …

Though she is the woman of his dreams, Caleb Bowden knows his best friend's sister, Summer Turner, is off limits. He won't cross that line, which means Summer will just have to take the reins if she wants her cowboy for Christmas.

Baby It's Cold Outside by Katie Lane

Alana Hale hits the internet dating jackpot when she finds Clint McCormick. He's sensitive and responsible—not to mention wealthy. When he invites her to spend the holidays on his family's ranch, she readily accepts. But on the way there, a blizzard strands her with a womanizing rodeo cowboy who could change everything …

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Dec 18, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I never thought Christmas and cowboys were a good mix, but this anthology changed my mind!

In The Christmas Cabin by Emma Cane, Sandy and her five-year-old son Nate got lost in a snowstorm. They were directed to a cabin by an aging ranch hand, where they were able to get warm. Soon after, a young, virile, half-frozen-to-death cowboy joined them, directed to the cabin by the same ranch hand, and a Christmas miracle started to unfold.

The story is sweet and heartwarming. We first get to see Sandy and Doug many years and children later, before we are taken back into the past where we learn their story. Series readers would have read about the stories of the grown-up Nate and Brooke (Sandy's children) by now, and had probably met Sandy and Doug in those books. Here's a great chance to see their parents when romance first bloomed between them, and it's heartening to see that love lasts through the years.

It's okay to read and enjoy this novella without having read the previous books, but I can't guarantee that you won't want to hunt those up right after. I know I did!

In Can't Wait by Jennifer Ryan, Summer has long been lusting after Caleb, her brother Jack's best friend. It would be okay if it were only lust, but she had a feeling she'd fallen in love with the taciturn cowboy. Unfortunately, Caleb and Jack had gone through a lot together when they were in the military, and one thing Caleb won't do, and that is to break the bro code, which is that you don't mess with your best pal's sister.

I wanted to like this novella, as this is a friends-to-lovers story, which is my favorite. However, it didn't meet expectations, and this is my least favorite story in this novella.

The story opens several months into Summer and Caleb's friendship, with Summer wanting to take their friendship to the next level, and Caleb wanting to as well, but resisting. I'm not convinced of their friendship, as they don't seem at all friendly to each other. The dialogue is stilted and the content can definitely be improved. In line with this, I'm not convinced of their "love" for each other either, although Caleb does make a rather heart-melting grand gesture toward the end. He's also a man of principle, and I definitely understand his resistance better after he explained his actions.

Baby It's Cold Outside by Katie Lane is a magical tale that serves up the warm fuzzies. Alana Hale is giving up irresponsible beach bums for good. When she meets sensitive, hardworking Clint McCormick on an Internet dating website, he was exactly what she wants. However, on her way to visit him at his ranch, she bumps into an attractive, womanizing cowboy who may derail her plans...

Aside from wondering why wealthy, attractive Clint McCormick would take to the Internet to search for a life partner, this story is a wonderful Christmas read with a bit of a twist. I won't spoil it for you, but it's sexy and heartwarming. The story flowed smoothly, with some funny moments. I'll definitely be looking for more Katie Lane books to read!

This Christmas cowboy anthology is a perfect warm antidote to this cold, winter season.
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