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December 2013

Six years ago, despite being utterly in love, Josh Taylor walked away from Blue Dumas and broke both their hearts. Now, forced to work together on tour with Blue's band, Josh has to deal with the fact that everything still feels the same between them, including their issues.

But Blue was never out and he has a child to think about now, so what chance does Josh really have at forgiveness and maybe a second chance? Especially when he has never told the truth about their breakup –even to his best friend, Nicky, who is also Blue's brother-in-law– and when he has demons of his own to face. When Blue gets the wrong idea and shuts him out, Josh falls back on a destructive habit and alienates Nicky. Desperate and alone, can Josh pull himself together and make things right with the people he cares most about in the world?

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author)
Jan 03, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I am a real fan of any sort of story to do with the music industry, rock stars, films and actors or Hollywood glitz and glamour. So this book really appealed to me for its storyline.

Six years ago when he was eighteen, Josh Taylor walked away from the love of his life, Blue Dumas. He had his reasons--peer pressure, the fact Blue was not out, and the fact that Josh was confused about what he wanted. In walking away, he broke both his own heart and that of Blue.

Now, in the present, he has the chance to meet up with Blue again, on tour with his band, and try and see if anything can be salvaged from that time six years ago.
Alas, it seems things are fated to go badly. Blue is still hurt, widowed, with a small son to support. And Josh meets up with all the old prejudices and enemies that threatened him six years ago.

BLUE is a beautiful story, full of angst, emotion and deep-seated desire that swells in both men yet remains at bay as they come to face their fears about each other. The characters are well rounded, with wonderful supporting ones like Nicky, Josh's best friend, and Aurora, Blue's sister, who's married to Nicky. And boy, those two are insatiable when it comes to each other. Blue's little boy Roman was so sweet as well, quite precocious and definitely an intelligent kid.

I enjoyed the tale, the characters and the story and cheered when things appeared to be going well for the lovelorn couple that was Blue and Josh. I did find that they tended to resolve their issues with sex quite frequently and perhaps there were a few too many uses of the word 'babe' when addressing each other, leading to some awkward dialogue exchanges. I also wasn't sure exactly what had happened to Josh in his deepest, darkest moments, the thing Nicky gets bent all out of shape for when he discovers Josh has gone back to old habits, and that left me a little confused.

But overall, a lovely story if you love the story of men in music making their own sweet passionate sounds as they get to know one another all over again.
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