Holiday Hoopla

Dana Volney
Holiday Hoopla
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F + W Media, Inc.
Release Date
December 2013
Contemporary Romance

Halle Adams is in a bind. While she owns and operates a fun, eclectic gift shop, Just Dandy, her life is anything but. The family purse strings, which have a hold on her shop, have grown too tight for the independent, savvy Wyoming gal. Halle's solution is to seek funding elsewhere, but when her loan request at the bank is denied, she's left to ponder her options during what is meant to be the merriest time of the year.

The holiday season ushers in Blake Ellison, who has recently found himself promoted at work, but demoted in spirit. Blake is tired of the chase and simply wants a no-hassle, no-commitment companion to accompany him to the bank-related functions the future president is expected to attend. A chance encounter gives Blake and Halle the perfect solution: She will go with him to the myriad of holiday events and he agrees to approve her loan application.

But a barn dance, a black tie gala, and a fundraiser spark feelings of jealousy, protection, and attraction … emotions neither of them had on their holiday wish list. Will a business deal between strangers get hoodwinked by holiday hoopla?

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Feb 09, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Two strangers from similar backgrounds strike a deal. She'll be his date at a round of holiday gatherings if he'll help her get a loan to relocate her business.

Independent-minded shop owner Halle Adams knows just how much of a pain it is to have a family member try to control every aspect of one's life, so she can sympathize with rancher Blake Ellison when he lets it slip that he has a hard time living up to family expectations during the increasing rounds of socializing brought on by the Christmas rush. When Blake proposes that he'll help Halle get a much needed business loan, Halle can't say no. She'll be able to foil the domineering father who's trying to control how she runs her business and her life, and handsome Blake Ellison will be able to avoid blind dates and some of the pain of dealing with scheming socialites and the busybodies that populate Casper, Wyoming.

Little does Halle know, but charming Blake is the reluctant heir apparent and new president of the bank that just turned down her application for a business loan. Similarly, Blake doesn't realize that too-good-to-be true Halle is no stranger to the mover and shaker social set that he tries his best to avoid. But as their business deal suddenly begins to become complicated by mutual attraction, the things Halle has neglected to disclose to Blake about her background begin to resemble well-plotted subterfuge and stratagems to a man who's not feeling in control of his own destiny.

If you enjoy clean Christmas-themed contemporary western romances, you'll fall in love with first-time author Dana Volney's novella HOLIDAY HOOPLA. There's a lot to appreciate in this quick read of fifty-seven pages, including an engaging plot, believable conflict, and two very likable main characters. It was a pleasure to escape to Casper for Christmas, and I look forward to indulging in future works from this talented new author.
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