Sally Felt
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Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Release Date
February 2014
Contemporary Romance

Kissing a stranger in the middle of her dinner party wasn't in Isabelle's plans—after all, she's sworn off dating. But when Kim Martin, plumber to the rescue, charms her guests and poses as her new guy to spare Isabelle the humiliation of an uninvited ex, she makes an impromptu exception—and gets carried away.

At first being Isabelle's faux beau suits Kim Martin just fine, Isabelle's hot, intriguing and won't disrupt his plans to blow town and build a business he loves. But Isabelle just isn't cut out to be a goodtime girl, and Kim can't seem to keep things casual.

Kim is everything Isabelle believes of men—confident, flirtatious and too attractive for his own good. Yet the more Isabelle tries to fit him into a box, the harder he fights his way out of it. He'd be maddening if he weren't so intriguing.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Jan 30, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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They have absolutely nothing in common but an instant attraction. She's staid and predictable. He's an adrenaline junkie drifting through an unfulfilling life. They're totally unsuitable as a couple and they both know it, so why can't they fight this sudden need to see where their attraction leads?

As a traditional, straight-laced woman who's put down roots in Dallas and seldom steps outside her comfort zone, Isabelle Caine, the owner of a small home and closet organization business, knows a good man is hard to find and even harder to hold. She's been twice burned in love and that's one time too many--thank you very much! She's got her snug Craftsman home and a steady business and, on the surface, she pretends she's happy enough with her routine life.

Plumber Kim Martin is a reluctant blue-collar tradesman who's never lived up to expectations, never stuck with a relationship or anything hinting at permanence, and who has a history of dabbling in adrenaline-fed outdoor pursuits just until the buzz wears off. He's got plans to sell his plumbing business and head to Austin to pursue a dream, even if it amounts to another of the failures that have peppered his life.

Isabelle needs a plumber to fix her toilet from hell before her weekly dinner party. She could also use a bit of manly aid when her cheating ex-boyfriend turns up that night to needle, wheedle and harass. And, like a knight in shining armor, Kim Martin improvises rather well at being the new man in Isabelle's life. The encounter is nothing less than electric and the attraction is off the charts, but there the similarities end. A brief fling based purely on desire is doable if two such mismatched lives don't let their differences, fears and emotions become entangled.

Author Sally Felt is to be applauded. In FLUSHED, she has combined a complex opposites attract plotline with a hero and heroine who are so emotionally divergent that the exploration of the many obstacles to their relationship is like removing the many layers of a closed bud to reveal a beautiful flower in all its glory. Kim and Isabelle are essentially polar opposites in every way, but they discover commonality in the fact that they have each suffered letdowns, deep-seated fears and life pressures that have led them to seek unlikely solace in what they fear the very most--taking a chance on each other and thus, compromising what they once thought was most important to their personal happiness and well-being.

Ms. Felt does a fantastic job exploring troubles from both the male and female point-of-view and in gently helping this couple to accept their fears and reconcile their way to happiness. Readers will likely find themselves spellbound by the many complexities of these two characters, and awed by the author's use of secondary characters to further validate and enhance the motivations that drive the many-faceted conflicts between Kim and Isabelle.

FLUSHED is one of the most emotionally complex romances I've read in a good, long time and it has me excitedly looking forward to a new writing project from the very talented Sally Felt.
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