Sarah Morgan
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Release Date
November 2013
Book 1 of Miller Sisters
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

"Wardrobe malfunction" doesn't begin to cover it.

With a rip louder than the "I dos," Hayley's hideous bile-yellow bridesmaid dress explodes. She's always had enviable curves, but nearly naked wasn't quite the look she'd been going for at her ex's wedding.

She's rushed from the altar under the best man's designer tux jacket. Hayley's expecting a blast of icy disapproval from sexy, sophisticated Niccolò Rossi—his usual reaction to anything she does. What she gets is a kiss that nearly melts what's left of her polyester nightmare gown.

It's impossible on a million levels. Exuberant engineer Hayley and buttoned-up lawyer Nico have never seen eye to eye—but skin to skin? Oh, mio… So when Nico shows up at her flat on Christmas Day to give her a fabulous gift—himself—Hayley's delighted to do the unwrapping. But it's just a holiday fling. By New Year's Day, she'll come back to her senses…unless Nico's sensual skills tear away all her resolve.

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Dec 25, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It takes a skilled writer to make a novella as funny, as touching, and as scorching as this, but Sarah Morgan has proven herself up to the task. This tale of wedding nightmares and Christmas wishes come true is a treat from beginning to end that will earn her a number of new fans, this reviewer among them.

It isn't bad enough that Hayley has been asked to be a bridesmaid in her cheating ex-boyfriend's wedding, and forced to wear a hideous yellow nightmare of a dress. Not even when she is forced to stand across the aisle from Niccolo Rossi—her ex's unbearable sexy friend who clearly can't stand Hayley. No, the day isn't entirely ruined until Hayley's dress explodes. Quite literally. In front of the entire congregation. And no one comes to her rescue, but the taciturn, furious Nico. But after wrapping her in his wonderfully expensive suit coat and marching her from the altar, Hayley doesn't get the lecture she expected. Instead, she finds herself sharing a kiss with Nico that is hot enough to singe the rest of her gown away.

There is no way that Hayley and Nico could ever be compatible—is there? They couldn't be more different: outgoing, funny engineer Hayley could never be the kind of slick, sophisticated woman that a high-powered attorney like Nico must desire. Nevertheless, when Nico shows up at her flat, offering himself as her Christmas present, Hayley is more than happy to explore this impossible, and impossibly hot connection, reveling in the chance to have uninhibited pleasure without any complications—until her heart gets involved, that it.

Hayley is a sensational narrator for this story. Though she is delightfully snarky and keeps the tone light, she doesn't gloss over the pain in her own past, or her growing feelings for Nico. It is this insight that keeps this story grounded and makes the fairytale of their romance feel so believable. She spent far too much time in her last relationship trying to be a different person, and it clearly took its toll on her. The chance to be herself, and only herself, with Nico is one of the greatest parts of their relationship, and gives both the characters and the reader a chance to see the depth of Hayley's nature, and the fiery spirit that she has kept hidden too long.

Nico's cool, debonair exterior hides quite an interesting man, who stops at nothing to get what he wants. Readers will probably guess at his desire for Hayley early on, but the depth of his respect for her, and his craving to know every part of her is a refreshing surprise, and makes their fling that much more intense. I've grown a bit tired of the wealthy, arrogant tycoon stereotype, but Nico was much more than that, and I loved getting to know the other side of his character—trust me, it's even more appealing than the well-dressed side that is on display.

Sarah Morgan flirts with stereotypes throughout this book, but never succumbs to a single one. Both Hayley and Nico are refreshingly unique and interesting characters and the tension they share is enough to singe readers' fingertips. The secondary characters are all wonderfully complete and engaging, most especially Hayley's sister, who will hopefully be getting her own story soon. All in all, this was a delightful, funny and heartfelt treat for the holiday season, and I know I will be reading much more of Sarah Morgan's work in the new year to come!
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