Burning Ashes

H. Lewis-Foster
Burning Ashes
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
October 2013
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Australian cricketer Nat Seddon is one of the world's best bowlers. Openly gay, he keeps his private life to himself, but on the last day of his team's Ashes tour of England, he meets Scott Alverley, England's promising new batsman. Nat is tempted by a little end of tour fun, but finds himself playing agony uncle to a virgin. Instead of going home to relax on a beach, he spends a wet week in the north of England with Scott, and can't help falling hopelessly in love. The hectic sporting calendar is a constant obstacle to their growing romance; Nat and Scott are rarely even on the same continent. But if they are willing to make sacrifices that will change their lives forever, they might hold on to the love they found in the Ashes.

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author)
Feb 19, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When Nat Seddon is pitched against new English player Scott Alverley during his team's last one day match at Lord's one fine summer day, he is overwhelmed with the urge to kiss his pretty pink lips. Of course that type of distraction is just what Nat doesn't need so he controls his base urges and proceeds to unleash a ferocious delivery against the batsman and ends up triumphant. In the game of cricket anyway.

When he gets to meet Scott later at the after party in the bar, he's struck by just how badly he seems to want the man. Blond, blue eyes, twenty-one and very sexy. Scott is similarly attracted to the Australian bowler. He's tall, muscled, dark, experienced and has eyes that seem to see straight into Scott's soul. Scott's virgin soul. He's never quite had the courage to fulfill his dreams of being with a man.

H. Lewis-Foster goes into such loving detail with her two men, drawing their characters so you feel you know them both intimately. We learn about them and the lives they lead, and of course, feel the passion for the game of cricket. And when these two men finally take the plunge to be together and fall in love, they lose themselves in each other and try and face the world together.

But it isn't an easy task. They are on different teams, in different countries and when the stakes get higher and tough decisions need to be made, it is only the love that these two men have for each other that help them make it through heartache and despair.

The story's wonderfully told, with descriptions that pull you in and make you feel the excitement rushing through the stadiums as the batting and bowling commences. Scott and Nat are perfect together, both professional men yet willing to give and take for each other even as one makes a final, breathtaking sacrifice. And when the final tragedy strikes, the two men will need all their strength to be there for one another, this time in a different way.

I truly enjoyed this story, and would have no hesitation in telling anyone to go out and read it.
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