The Spanish Captain

Robyn Elliot
The Spanish Captain
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Firehorse Publishing
Release Date
December 2013
Historical fiction, Historical Romance, LGBTQ

Captain Amadis Sanchez Diaz has spent years trying to escape from a past that torments him. A mercenary soldier, who can name his price, Amadis has found that notoriety, wealth and decadence are transient sources of pleasure. When he meets the pious and beautiful William Perslane, Amadis is consumed by obsession and desire for the unworldly young man. Set against the turbulent backdrop of the Spanish Inquisition, and England in the 15th century, here is the story of two very different men who are forced together by ruthless circumstance. Neither Amadis nor William forsee the consequences of the revealing of a tragic secret, as they are faced with the vengeance of an unrequited love that threatens to destroy the one thing that matters to the Spanish Captain most of all...

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author)
Feb 21, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Five stars but I'd love to give it more!

THE SPANISH CAPTAIN is one of those books that you pick up thinking, "Hmm, this could be a little heavy for me, I'm not used to reading history in my M/M romances." (I know that sounds terribly shallow, I confess). But hell, I am so glad I did. The description of the book really intrigued me as despite my lack of historical knowledge, the whole era of 15th century England, the Inquisition and the theme of persecution for being 'different' in any conceivable way, really piqued my interest. And the personas of Amadis and William, the dark and the light in the relationship, made me want to read more about them.

This was a breathtaking and stunning read. It was a journey through the dark annals of history and the deep, dark recesses of the human psyche, that made me ache and yearn to simply be absorbed into the pages so I could experience the story firsthand. It is a well crafted, superbly written tale of two vastly different men, both in age, culture, character and beliefs that simply transcends the norm and makes you flip the pages in the hope the story will never end.

Alas, despite being a long novel, it finishes far too soon. The emotions of joy, hope, lust, love, deep abiding adoration and fear and disgust seep out of this story like wafts of fragrant perfume to assail the senses and leave the heart beating that much faster.

What these two men go though--especially poor Will, who is sweet, tough, principled and utterly captivating in his idealism and his dream for a better life--will leave you in turn crying, laughing, completely disgusted and filled with hope and joy when Will finally gets what he needs, and finds a home and a man to truly love him, unconditionally. And Amadis is rough, tough, strong and fair, but a man who hates himself more often than he loves himself, and in so doing, nearly destroys his true love, Will.

This story is bittersweet and takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotion from good to evil, and you will become immersed in the story of Will and Amadis like no other story before I've ever read. I would give this more than 5 stars if I could, I enjoyed it so much. Needless to say, I will be reading more from Robyn Elliot and eagerly await any follow up to Will and Amadis' story if there is one planned.
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