Elizabeth Raines, Cheryl Brooks, Mellanie Szereto, Bethany Michaels, Nikki Hayes, Annie Morgan
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Siren BookStrand
Release Date
January 2014
Book 5 of The Sextet Anthologies
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Handcuffs and neckties and belts, oh my! Many may fantasize about being bound while their lover has his or her wicked way with them, but when faced with the opportunity, would you trust your partner enough to relinquish all control? Or would you prefer to be the one in charge? Or are you among the ranks of the undecided?

Join the ladies of the Sextet for a look at both sides of the coin, and discover what it means to be the recipient of intensely provocative sensual delights, or to be the lady who knows how to tie a man down and take him to heights of ecstasy beyond his imagination. Then try, if you will, to decide which you would prefer. Just remember, there is no right or wrong here; there is only trust. When it comes to passion and love, you should never underestimate the power of restraint.

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Book Review by Jen B (reviewer)
Jul 03, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Get the fans out and the ice cold drinks because these six stories are definitely going to heat things up!

Trust by Elizabeth Raines

Ms. Raines' contribution to the anthology is about a woman with a strong personality who cannot let go of her control, even with the man she loves. Having enough of this, her man gives her one chance to let go of control with him or lose him forever. The question is what means more, her control or him?

This was an enjoyable story, with some very spicy sex scenes. I enjoyed the idea of the woman being the "alpha" personality and the man finally having enough and turning the tables on her. This was a fun and very sexy read.

A Delicate Procedure by Cheryl Brooks

When newly single Aidan comes back home for a visit, he finds himself discussing some personal details with his neighbor and former babysitter Trish Davis, who agrees to help him with his "hairy" problem. The only problem is that Trish can't get past the fact she is older than him. However, when emotions they've both tried to hide really begin to surface, will that hold her back?

This story made me laugh and I found it very enjoyable to read. The characters made me smile and I really rooted for them to get together. The ending was fantastic too, but I won't spoil it for you here!

Believe It or Knot by Bethany Michaels

As a magician's assistant, Hannah Dunn knows her job is dangerous because her boss, Marcus Lorenzo, throws real knives. When she convinces him to try a new blindfolded act that has never been done without the assistant being hurt, feelings they have both been hiding surface and their relationship becomes physical. When Marcus accidentally hurts Hannah though, can he handle the consequences of losing control?

This was a good story with an original story line and I enjoyed it. The chemistry between the hero and heroine was palpable and pulled me in. I wanted them to overcome their issues and get together but I was also happy to see the strength of the heroine when things weren't going her way.

Lines of Communication by Annie Morgan

Climbers Rebecca Graham and Cameron Fitzgerald had a relationship years ago that ended when Cameron took an advertising job that she had lined up. When they are thrown together again, Cam is determined to find out what happened and when Rebecca begins to investigate things she realizes that they both may have been played. Can a relationship recover from such mistrust?

I enjoyed this story although it was probably my least favorite of the anthology. It was well written but I think the characters could have talked when they split up and figured things out instead of waiting three years, which made it somewhat less enjoyable for me to read. That said, the chemistry between the hero and heroine is good and the I like the writing style of the author.

String Theory by Mellanie Szereto

The attraction that two scientists have for each other is very strong but neither of them seems willing to act on it. Finally, Andromeda Fetter decides to do something about it and invites Gunnar Keyes to help her with an experiment involving some elastic bands and the force they can take before snapping. Once they get into the laboratory together, chemistry takes over. But can a shy physicist really let go of her inhibitions and fulfill her fantasies?

This was a great read. I really enjoyed these characters. The fact that they were both so ready to be together but so unsure about how to do it held my interest because I wanted to see what they did next.

Tangled Metal and Emotions by Niki Hayes

When Lindsey Valentine lands a great job working in marketing for a NASCAR driver, she has her work cut out for her getting him to cooperate. However, after a threat involving tampons on his race car, he begins to see things her way and they become a great team. They begin to fall for each other but she is very nervous about possibly losing her job. Her biggest fear though, is losing control and Craig makes her lose control in a big way. Can she risk everything for love?

This was my favorite story in the anthology. The characters made me laugh, and when I heard Lindsey's back story, I really wanted this to work out for her. She was an amazing heroine and I loved her personality. Mixing her with Craig worked so well that I fell in love with both of them and the story.

Overall, I found this anthology enjoyable and fun to read. All of the stories were interesting and the characters were well written. I didn't skip any pages or any stories and I didn't lose interest. I would definitely recommend the anthology to readers who enjoy light and fun bondage but nothing heavy or serious.
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