Protecting Bear

Alicia Nordwell
Protecting Bear
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Romance First Publishing
Release Date
January 2014
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Bear has sworn off guys who try to pick him up at his second job working as a bartender. His ex, Vilem, damn near turned him off dating altogether. Jimmy would flip if he finds out Bear dated a drug dealer, as if Bear did it knowingly. His career as a cop only makes his brother more protective.

But Kameron doesn't try to pick him up at the bar. He doesn't ask for a blow job or a back alley screw. He asks Bear out for coffee. That alone is rare enough to get Bear to say yes. They have an instant chemistry, even though he will cut the giant off at the knees if Kameron calls Bear "little guy" one more time.

Kameron's secrets grow harder to hide the longer he dates Bear. He wants to come clean, but he knows there's a very good chance the fiery man will never speak to him again. Kameron wrestles with his conscience and his desire for Bear.

Both men's choices lead to a series of events neither see coming. Bear believes his judgment failed him once again when he learns exactly what Kameron was hiding. At the same time, Bear learns Vilem wasn't just a corner drug dealer, and some very scary guys are after him.

Can both men survive their encounter with Vilem's bosses? When Bear and Kameron land in a life or death situation, it's up to Bear to save himself… and Kameron, if he's lucky.

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Feb 13, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Alicia Nordwell has created a story with characters that are so very real. I loved Kameron, loved his need to stay true to himself, doing the job assigned to him, protecting Bear, while falling in love with Bear. Bear is an interesting man, with a bit of a small man's complex combined with an overbearing big brother. And yet he's fun, smart with a sense of humor, but he's also trying to be independent. And I never did like Jimmy; he walks the fine line between intense, annoying and understandable. But in real life you don't like everyone you meet either. The fact that there were characters I loved and hated is the sign of a great writer.

Kameron is trying to find his place in the macho world of law enforcement. It's a world where trusting that your comrades have your back is everything. When his trust in his old unit is broken, he transfers to Jimmy's unit. He's hoping to find the trust that he needs to do his job. Bear is ready to believe he'll never find love and that his brother will never see him as anything other than someone who needs taking care of. But these two do have a mostly good relationship. And Jimmy is a lot like people in law enforcement in real life.

The police world and the world of the characters are beautifully written. The story flows, pulling you along with intrigue and suspense. Yet for me, this was more of a character-driven story. There are a few places where the story bogged down a bit for me, a few places where it's a bit hard to believe, but not enough to take away from the story or to make me put down this book. I look forward to reading more of this author's work.
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