The Spoils of Roman Desire : Plans

Anya W. Vossand
The Spoils of Roman Desire : Plans


Release Date
January 2014
Book 2 of The Alarice Series
Action/Adventure Romance, BDSM, Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

[Historical Romance, Roman Era, 4250 words]

What would you do to save the man who saved you?

This short story follows hot on the heels of The Spoils of Roman Desire: Escape. With the prospect of freedom only a few miles away, Alarice (an escaped Germanic slave) and Gaius (an exiled Roman general) head out into the woods of Germania in search of a local tribe who are allies to Alarice's people. The two travelers assume the false identities of a merchant and his translator to help them pass unscathed by Roman patrols, and luckily those soldiers they encounter believe their story. After a tense journey they come across that sought-after tribe, who go by the name of Langobards. All is not as it seems, and a filthy, insular veneer soon gives way to sudden persecution and the real prospect of execution. The only way to save Gaius, hated by these people only because he is Roman, is for Alarice to barter herself in exchange for his freedom. Will the vicious Langobardic King take her as his own regardless, and kill her Roman paramour? Or is there still enough honor in this decrepit tribe that her sacrifice will be worthwhile?

ADVISORY: This story contains adult themes such as Heterosexual Sex, Anal Sex, Slavery, Hand Job, and Violence. It is only meant for readers 18+.


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