The Spoils of Roman Desire: Trilogy Set

Anya W. Vossand
The Spoils of Roman Desire: Trilogy Set


Release Date
January 2014
Book 4 of The Alarice Series
Action/Adventure Romance, BDSM, Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

[Historical Romance, Roman Era, 12,000 words]

For a slave out in the wilds of Germania, the path to freedom is oft carved with a blade.

Alarice can't take it anymore. Her degenerate, aging Roman master has dishonored her for the last time, and in the dead of night she ends his life in the silence of his tent. Yet the deceased man, a general in life, has a host of soldiers still loyal to his memory. She flees into the dark woods, dressed in a cloak to hide her fair skin and flaming red hair from sight, but still the soldiers are hot on her trail. Only the kindness of a Roman exile named Gaius, living alone deep in the forest, saves her from torture and death. The gratitude she feels is immense, and she repays him in body and spirit even as he develops a plan to find her freedom amidst the local Germanic tribes. There are many challenges on the way, and many wrongs that must be righted. Will Alarice be strong enough to endure these trials? Will Gaius, having seen how loyal and brave she is be able to leave her? Find out in this riveting three-part adventure!

ADVISORY: This story contains adult themes such as Sex, Slavery, and Violence. It is only meant for readers 18+.


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