When Love Gets Hairy

Jacob Z. Flores
When Love Gets Hairy
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Release Date
January 2014
Book 3 of Provincetown
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

As vain as he is beautiful, Nino Santos happily lives life waiting for the next ferry full of fairies to bring him new conquests. As long as they aren't hirsute, he's all in. So he's shocked to wake up after a beach party he cannot remember with a hairy naked man lying next to him.

Teddy Miller doesn't remember the "Bear Week" party either, much less the Abercrombie & Fitch model wannabe next to him. Teddy doesn't give two cents about appearances, but guys like Abercrombie don't return the favor. That's why he prefers men with extra fur and padding over carbon copy clones of perfection—a type of man Teddy is far too familiar with.

When Nino and Teddy glimpse each other the next morning, it's loathing at first sight. Instead of exchanging phone numbers, they exchange insults and vow never to see each other again. In Provincetown, however, escaping a trick best forgotten isn't easy. Mutual friends and chance circumstances keep Nino and Teddy in each other's orbit. But are they fighting each other or the attraction growing between them? The answer lies amid Provincetown's windswept dunes and the night neither of them can recall.

Book Review by Pat Henshaw (author,reviewer)
Jan 29, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Jacob Z. Flores' Provincetown series just keeps getting better and better with each book. This time out, it's Bear Week in the infamous P-town, and not everyone living there is happy about it.

Take clothing model Nino Santos, for example. Once a fat, hairy kid who was ridiculed mercilessly by family and friends for his body, Nino worked hard to become the supermodel he is today. He doesn't want to have anything to do with the bears--the fat, hairy gay men--who flock to P-town for the week.

That's why he's particularly repelled when he wakes up with Teddy Miller, a quintessential bear, in his bed one morning. Teddy, for his part, is aghast too since he thought he'd gotten over his attraction to model-thin men.

While both of them are repulsed at the situation, neither can figure out how he ended up in bed with the other. Both seem to have suffered from a blackout the night before, making them behave uncharacteristically.

With this enticing beginning, Jacob Z. Flores works Bear Week for all it's worth, causing Teddy and Nino to bump into each other every step of the way. Not only do Teddy's friends like Nino, even Teddy's dog falls in love with the man, chasing him down whenever he catches Nino's scent.

All the interesting characters featured in the previous two P-town books are back to give advice and get in the way of Nino and Teddy's romance, adding the same dollop of humor and crazy antics as before. They add the spice that morose Nino and lackadaisical Teddy don't.

Of the two, Nino is the more interesting character. He's come to a crossroads in his career, having upset the biggest photographer in the modeling business, a man who says he's going to blackball Nino. Where, Nino wonders, is he supposed to go from here? He's an understandable bundle of nerves and tense behavior.

Teddy, on the other hand, is more of a cipher, the big personality-less teddy bear that his name implies. His partner in college threw him over years ago, and rather than get over the heartbreak, Teddy has wallowed in it. True, he's had his gal pal Irene by his side ever since, but flamboyant Irene isn't the same as having a lover or a relationship.

Except for more unnecessary repetition, however, this addition to the series is just as lively and fun to read as the last two. I wonder what Mr. Flores has up his sleeve for readers in the future.
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