Freedom in His Arms

Brita Addams
Freedom in His Arms
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Dreamspinners Press
Release Date
January 2015
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

On a whim, Boston doctor Bryan Newcastle books a Caribbean cruise for gay men, hoping for two weeks of sexual exploration with someone who'll bring out the daring soul inside him.

With a simple slide of a keycard across a table, newspaperman Phil Sanderson plunges Bryan into a world of sexual freedom where longing for more comes as naturally as breathing. As Phil takes Bryan to new heights, the cruise ends with so much unexplored.

During a visit with Phil in Des Moines, Bryan receives a call that changes everything. Together, they travel back to Boston, but Phil's protective nature gets in the way of Bryan's need to handle tragedy in his own way. While Bryan struggles to come to terms with all he thought real about his past, Phil must trust that Bryan is strong enough, or he might lose the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author,reviewer)
Jan 19, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Great read!

Doctor Bryan Newcastle is fed up and ready to explode. His relationship with his partner Del--his partner at their shared medical practice and in his personal life--has gone downhill. Bryan is feeling trapped in a relationship that appears to be going nowhere and also doesn't give him the sexual satisfaction he's craving. So with a little bit of urging from his sister Margie, he decides to book a Caribbean cruise for gay men. He's hoping for a little bit of excitement in his life.

Phil Sanderson is a veteran of the gay cruise and he's overworked, tired, stressed and needs a break. What he didn't envisage was finding a willing pupil like Bryan to help him find his erotic and daring side, and Phil thinks he's died and gone to heaven.

I loved the way Phil plunges Bryan into a world he's only ever dreamed of, a world of fantasy and role play, of exploration and hot, rabid sex. Then Bryan begins to doubt the nature of their relationship. He's worried about what's going to happen after the cruise finishes, now that he's met the man of his dreams. Once they're both back in their respective homes, they keep in touch and Bryan finally takes the plunge to visit Phil in Des Moines. But while he's there, he gets a call that could change his life forever.

Lots of hot lusty sex, sex toys, BDSM play, spanking and bondage make this a very HAWT read. The relationship between these two men develops at a cracking pace as Bryan comes to terms with his submissive side and Phil takes him on a pleasure ride that's more than just sexual. They develop strong feelings for each other, and Phil tends to be overprotective, which scares Bryan. He sees himself as his own man and sometimes Phil's attention gets a little intense.

This is a well written story of two wonderful men who find the opposite sides of each other and fall in love during the journey. It's set against a strong emotional background story of Bryan's relationship with his ex-lover Del and Phil's workaholic lifestyle. Will these two ever find the happy medium where they can be together without question?

A great read, entertaining and sexy, and recommended.
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