Flight of Her Life

Diane Saxon
Flight of Her Life
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
November 2013
Contemporary Romance, Western Romance

Accident-prone Bailey must negotiate her way through a snowbound airport, a cancelled flight, and a blackout to get to her own engagement party. So the added complication of Sebastian, a cowboy from her past, is one problem she just does not need. When this comedy of errors threatens her future, her peace of mind, and her heart, Bailey has some not-so-easy decisions to make. Diane Saxon pens a delightful, romantic comedy in her latest novel, Flight of Her Life.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Jan 08, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If you're in need of a short, satisfying romp featuring themes of marriage, mistakes and mayhem, you can't go wrong with a charmer like Diane Saxon's romantic novella FLIGHT OF HER LIFE.

Sebastian knew Bailey's father would have killed him if he'd ever found out what he and Bailey had gotten up to in the backseat of her daddy's truck a few short years ago. So, Sebastian quit playing with fire and gave Bailey time to grow up and experience college followed by life and a career in the big city of New York. But Sebastian really feared he'd waited too long when news came that Bailey was getting engaged to the spoiled stuffed shirt she worked for. He knew he had one shot to win Bailey's heart before losing her to a man who would never truly appreciate a klutzy, quirky woman like Bailey.

Bailey gave up on Sebastian years ago. He'd told her he loved her on the memorable night they'd made love in the backseat of her daddy's truck, but the young cowboy had then dropped her faster than a red hot poker. Her future's now settled. She'll be marrying her boss, Phillip Horton, a respected attorney who's the son of two prominent Texas senators who belong to the crème de a crème of Houston society. It doesn't matter that Phillip often gets impatient and sometimes talks down to her or that she hasn't met his family. His mother, Senator Patricia Horton, has their holiday engagement party all arranged and her future mother-in-law even selected the hideous nine carat diamond that's almost too big for Bailey's slim finger.

Bailey would adapt. She'd be fine. So why did that cowboy in the New York airport look so familiar, so sexy, so much like an unfulfilled and long forsaken dream?

Author Diane Saxon has written a cute, sexy romance that finely balances poignant scenes with laugh-out-loud moments of spontaneous hilarity. Readers will find themselves shaking their heads at the comical misfortunes that beset Bailey, yet they are likely to find her an endearing heroine who deserves true happiness. Sebastian is the pragmatic hero who knows he has few opportunities left to show Bailey how he really feels. Major snowstorm and a cancelled flight, anyone?

Contains scenes of a sexual nature.
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