My Rugby-playing Twink

Jaime Samms
My Rugby-playing Twink
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
January 2013

Out and uninhibited Ian McVeigh has been playing the field for years, so he can't fathom the unexpected desire and feeling of protectiveness he experiences when he first sees rugby playing, unemployed David, his boss's newest and most delicious-looking squeeze. David Kelly is a hustler, and he's way out of Ian's league. He'd never look twice at a guy like Ian, a guy with little means to woo the needy but to-die-for David.

Yet one day, David not only looks, but touches, flirts, and all but invites Ian to lure him away from his sugar daddy. But David can't let anything break his carefully constructed walls. Ian doesn't know much about David's past, and what he doesn't know could hurt them both.

Ian says David's past doesn't matter, but when he sees David with another older gentleman, he immediately thinks the worst. Both men must embrace honesty or lose each other for good.

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Jan 15, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Let's take a moment to fully appreciate that cover, shall we?


It's okay, you can take a second look. I know you want to.

Great cover, love the title and a pretty cute story to go along with it. Three for three! Not bad.

Ian's got a thing for his boss's cute twink that had been strutting his stuff around the workplace. He didn't like the way his boss treated his boy toy, David, and frankly, I don't think David liked it much either. He was being used and he knew it. But it paid the bills, so why not? He was finally able to get out of his terrible relationship, if that's even what you would call it, and almost immediately found comfort in Ian's bed.

I loved David. He's a cute and sexy twink and knows how to use it to his advantage. He may have been small and he may have had a stereotype surrounding him, but he wouldn't be pushed around. Yes, he was in a somewhat abusive relationship for money, but he knew what he was doing and he never hid what was going on. He's a very strong character and knew how to take care of himself, even if in unconventional ways.

Ian wanted David and he got David. What he didn't know is that David is not some boy that needs taking care of. Which was fine with him, as long as he could have David; he wanted him any way that he could. And he wasn't gong to treat David like some whore, which is exactly how David had expected to be treated since that's what he was used to. I loved how much Ian loved and supported David.

Now I don't normally condone sex in the workplace, but oh well, it's fiction and it was hot. Get it on wherever you want to, boys! And they did. Anytime, anyplace, they were all over each other. It was quite enjoyable, to say the least.

I really liked the characters and their chemistry, but the conflict was meh. It all surrounded some misunderstandings that could have been easily avoided if the guys just talked to each other. Twice! A big misunderstanding happened twice, you think they would have learned their lesson the first time about communication, but no. I think they've got it now though.

MY RUGBY-PLAYING TWINK is one of those books that hit the spot when you're in need of a fun, sexy and easy read.
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