Rescue Me

Terri Fowler
Rescue Me
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
January 2015
Book 2 of Shades of Love
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Part-time firefighter and full-time rancher Seth Coulter will do anything to save the family ranch. He applies to take part in a TV reality show featuring emergency service personnel in the hopes of winning the grand prize.

TV producer Maya Franklin is so jaded by years of living in LA that she can't quite believe Seth is as decent as he seems during his audition, so she rejects his application. The insane sexual chemistry between them leads her to his hotel room that night but a call from the studio, telling her they want Seth for the show, forces her to leave before anything can happen.

Seth and Maya are reunited on location and, this time, she's his boss. Despite her intention to keep him at arm's length, she underestimates Seth's determination to get what he wants, and what he wants is her!

Be Warned: anal play

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jan 18, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It's impossible not to be charmed by a sexy dimpled cowboy who falls for an all-business beauty convinced she needs to maintain her distance. In RESCUE ME, Seth and Maya will remind you what's really important in life as they battle the odds to be together.

Seth Coulter, full-time rancher and volunteer fireman, is auditioning for the reality TV show "Rescue Me" as a last ditch effort to save his family's ranch. But the moment Seth sees the show's producer Maya Franklin, the ranch isn't the only thing on his mind. Unfortunately, when Seth is selected to participate on the show, the chemistry between them must be denied...after all, she's now his boss!

Seth hasn't been able to get Maya out of his mind since their aborted sexual interlude after his audition. He knows the two of them could have something very special, if only Maya could let herself care about him more than the show. It's high time this Texas cowboy shows Miss Los Angeles how good they can be together!

RESCUE ME is book 2 in the Shades of Love series and can be read as a standalone book. I was immediately charmed by Seth, the sexy rancher with a heart of gold who is willing to appear on a reality TV show to save his family's ranch. I liked Maya as well, a tough as brass woman who THINKS she knows what life is about, but who finds herself swept off her feet by the simple man who makes her want more.

I found myself frustrated by Maya's constant volleying of Seth's feelings, though I can understand why she was unwilling to jump right in. Seth was a real southern gentleman, and even when getting whiplash from Maya's emotions, he never wavered from his desire for her.

Overall, RESCUE ME is a decent book, well written with great chemistry between the main characters and some super decadent sex. There was nothing earth-shattering or groundbreaking in this predictable story, but for a short, sweet and sexy read, it's perfect.
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