Mercy of the Dragon

KyAnn Waters
Mercy of the Dragon
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
January 2011

Ja'darien, slayer of Dracs, will stop at nothing to banish his deviant desire for the dragons. He won't rest until he rids the world of the beasts. On the edge of a ravine, he waits for his prey.

Kerkira, a winged dragon, hunts the slayer. Yet, when given the chance, he can't kill his enemy. The man is his mate. However, because of Ja'darien's sins against the Dracs, Kerkira vows the slayer's submission will not be pleasant.

The bond of mating is more intense than either is prepared for. Will Kerkira forgive him because Ja'darien is at the mercy of the dragon?

Book Review by aobibliophile (reviewer)
Jan 28, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Kyann Waters' world of dragons and slayers evokes colors of fire and heat. Her descriptive prose is hot!

Ja'darien is a hunter - a slayer of Dracs or dragons. He is also consumed by carnal desires for the very ones he hunts. He encounters a Drac and prepares for the kill when he inhales its cinnamon-scented poison. He falters. His body is torn between killing his prey and controlling the urges that burn within but then he passes out.

Kerkira wonders at his metamorphosis from Drac to his human form when he faces the hunter and realizes that his transformation is due to the fact that he has found his mate for life. He brings Ja'darien to his lair and what happens next is an intense interplay of dominance and submission that not even a dragon's fiery breath could match.

Ja'darien and Kerkira were made for each other and both knew it despite the conflicts that assailed their thoughts. They wanted to kill the other for personal reasons yet their bodies were clamoring to be joined. I found these contradictions interesting and they reminded me of Stockholm Syndrome, wherein the hostage becomes enamored of his or her captor. Ja'darien's weakness was his undoing but also his salvation and Kerkira made him realize this in the end.

Though the story is a good read, I find it too short and I wish Kyann Waters could have added more pages detailing how Kerkira's fellow Dracs would react and treat Ja'darien when they learn of his presence among them. Would he be accepted or killed? Would Kerkira also gain a stronghold among his kith and kin or would he be banished or killed as well? I want to learn more about Ja'darien's history and what triggered his hate and lust for the Dracs. A sequel would be more than welcome.

Nevertheless, MERCY OF THE DRAGON is still a fast-paced steamy read. It also made me wonder who between Ja'darien and Kerkira was really the man and who was really the beast.
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