Backwater Bondage

Reese Gabriel
Backwater Bondage


Pink Flamingo Publications
Release Date
November 2013

Reese Gabriel's first erotic novel., Bondage Town

The backwoods town of Charred River, Florida has its share of dirty secrets, not the least of which are the wicked sex games played by the members of its first family, the Traces. Brothers Caleb and Sheppard have been tying and tormenting their lovers for years. Most folks blame the curvaceous and free-spirited Cynthia "Sin" Marshall for corrupting the boys the summer after high school graduation.

Nineteen years ago, Cynthia was forced to flee in disgrace. Now she's come home, this time with her full-grown daughter, the equally luscious and sexually curious, Reyna. Cynthia wants them to settle down in the family home, but the Traces have other ideas. Cal wants Cynthia for his love slave again, and Shep wants her very soul.

Meanwhile, Reyna discovers that Cal's adult son Jason has inherited his father's penchant for whips and chains. Not to be outdone, Cal's wife, former cheerleader and dominatrix, Meredith Trace, decides to teach both mother and daughter a lesson they won't soon forget.

Tormented Twins

Separated at birth and reunited by a bizarre circumstance on their twenty-first birthdays, twins Andrea and Ashley Daniels have just two things in common - A shared hundred million dollar inheritance and an insatiable need to be tied, punished and taken hard by strong, dominant men. Stormy-eyed Andrea, raised by their dominant father, has already taunted any number of young males to tame her wicked ways, but now she has her eyes set on Ashley's new fiance.

Meanwhile, the gentler Ashley, who's been raised by their sexually submissive mother, is fending off the advances of a notorious white slaver who wants her money and her body both. A host of unscrupulous Doms circle both these newly wealthy girls like sharks, seeking to lure them into their chains. Will the girls be able to cooperate enough to hold onto their fortunes, or will they end up crawling to the feet of whichever man is powerful enoug
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