Slut Boy Mega Collection Volume 1

Lance Edwards
Slut Boy Mega Collection Volume 1


Pink Flamingo Publications
Release Date
November 2013
Book 1 of Slut Boy Mega Collection

The Slut Boy Mega Collection is the epitome of sissification, humiliation and punishment. Lance Edwards, author of Secret Mascot, Reign of the Demon Queen and many more fantastic Femdom titles, has brought together all the short stories of torture and humiliation in three huge volumes!

Kinky stories of men enslaved by sexy bitches and voluptuous beauties, sure to delight readers looking for graphic, no-holds barred Femdom erotica.

He's just turned eighteen and suddenly he's the Teacher's Pet - stripped, humiliated and made to learn some painful lessons from the gorgeous, half-naked Mistress Super Bitch. Then Melissa's Alaska looks like paradise to this once unlucky boy. That is until she tells him: "You're going to spend every last second of the rest of your life bound up tight, naked and helpless and (hopefully) miserably suffering in, or right above, your beautiful Goddess' wonderful bed."

He's in for A Rousing Reunion with his Mistress when the sexy coed takes her Slut Boy with a strap on, then makes him watch as she's repeatedly taken by three black studs. And in Excellent Morning Exertions, Jimmy's overcooked roast earns him a dose of Tyra's huge punishment dildo as well as a sound bare-ass belting.
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