Slut Boy Mega Collection Volume 3

Lance Edwards
Slut Boy Mega Collection Volume 3


Pink Flamingo Publications
Release Date
November 2013
Book 3 of Slut Boy Mega Collection

The Slut Boy Mega Collection is the epitome of sissification, humiliation and punishment. Lance Edwards, author of Secret Mascot, Reign of the Demon Queen and many more fantastic Femdom titles, has brought together all the short stories of torture and humiliation in three huge volumes!

The Goddess Katia convinces her boyfriend to let her tie him up. In one amazing evening she breaks and trains him into her lifelong sub. In Chat Doom, an eager submissive male is warned not to meet this ruthless Domme. But he insists, only to discover that his life will be shattered, turned into an unspeakable horror of total submission. Then Nurse Stevens busts a crooked doctor... herself a former victim of sexual harassment, Nursing a Grudge, was never so sweet as when she ensnares the unsuspecting doctor.

In Doggie Stylin' this hapless husband is turned into his Mistress/wife's French Poodle, Fluffy - caged, muzzled and well-used by her nasty female friends. Ravenous Raver is a sexy punk chick, who takes her naive hook-up home for some heavy bondage and a good ass and face reaming before she finally lets the poor guy go. And in The Venus Guy-Trap, a hapless sub, in search of female domination, falls into the hands of a ruthless domme who will take him to the brink with extreme CBT and anal submission with her huge black dildo.
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