A Baroness' Whip Lust

J.A. Schenley
A Baroness' Whip Lust

Pink Flamingo Publications
Release Date
December 2013

The waves pitched a young beauty on the deck of a sailing ship to America. Victorian England had inflamed her with two visions. One was of a future in America where she would have few limits. The other was an eyewitness memory of a young woman tied to a public whipping post for a ferocious bare-back lashing. She could not escape either vision as the three-masted ship glided toward America.

Along the way, her latent lesbian hungers would be awakened and teased. Attention paid to her would also enrage a pretty young Baroness, spiteful in her jealousy. It was a race across the Atlantic between a new world with new opportunities and a young jealous Baroness who plotted Emma's severe punishment. Nobles and commoners on the three-masted ship all would be part of this dark drama.

Emma had entered a world of new sensuality, yet she had much to fear from the young Baroness. There would be lies told and injustice inflicted. Would beautiful Emma's life just begin at age twenty, or, would it end? Here is a story of lesbian lust and love-making, cruelty and suffering.

Read, as Emma says: This was impossible to imagine!
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