Lorna Doone

M J Porteus; R D Blackmore
Lorna Doone

Crimson Romance
Release Date
January 2015
Book 4 of Wild and Wanton
Erotic Romance, Historical fiction, Historical Romance, Literary Romance

John Ridd is granted a royal pardon, and later Lorna is allowed to join him at his Exmoor farm. Just as they are married in Oare church, Carver Doone shoots Lorna at the altar and John, believing her dead, pursues and kills him. But is his love really dead?

Although Lorna Doone is perceived as a romance, it is set in the 1600s when writings such as poems about sexual life at the court and personal diaries such as those of Pepys could be incredibly graphic even by today's standards—and definitely more so than in the prudish Victorian times of the author. Had Blackmore written it in the seventeenth century, or nowadays, he may have done as this updated version and built on the existing innuendo.
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