Summer Newman
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Amira Press
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January 2014
Action/Adventure Romance, Erotic Romance, Historical fiction, Historical Romance, Literary Romance

On July 10, 1846, Blaze Henry's life in St. Louis was shattered when her uncle and guardian lost his fortune. He fled, but left Blaze a deed for a huge property in the distant west. To claim the land, she had to reach it by December 31st, a wagon journey of two thousand miles along the famous Oregon Trail. She met a gorgeous man named John Masters, one of America's fastest gunfighters. Along with his best friend, Cordell, the three of them had to survive countless perils on this journey, and during the trip, they discovered love and scorching eroticism.

Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Mar 18, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BLAZE is an erotic, western romance with elements of suspense. Distilled to a nutshell, BLAZE is the story of one woman's journey of self and sexual awakening and discovery along the Oregon Trail. Please note that this is a nontraditional romance where the heroine develops a sexual relationship and falls in love with two men who are best friends.

Blaze Henry's life takes an unexpected turn in 1864 when her uncle loses his entire wealth in a gold scheme. When her uncle goes bankrupt, he decides he must leave for a new job but only has enough money for passages for him and his wife. With nothing left in St. Louis, her uncle urges Blaze to go West on her own to settle a large property, which is his last remaining asset. In order for Blaze to claim the land, however, she must arrive before the end of the year.

Blaze sets out on the last wagon train of the year and discovers that she knows one of the men. John Masters, a known gunfighter, who had previously saved her from an assault, is also fleeing his own troubles on the wagon train and hoping to find a new life in the West. John and his best friend, Cordell, a man who is on the run from the Army, instantly take a liking to Blaze and take on the role of her protectors (an important role given the numerous dangers they encounter along the Oregon Trail). En route West, Blaze develops a relationship with first John and then, at John's urging, Cordell.

Although definitely erotic and lascivious in nature, I think some of the word choices and particularly the tone of the novel was a little incongruous with the perspective from which the novel was being written in. Specifically, BLAZE is written from Blaze's POV. Blaze at the outset of the novel is a young virgin, but the tone, even at the beginning, is really more reminiscent of an experienced male's perspective. I also would have liked to have seen the romantic connection better developed before the young virgin becomes intimately involved. Interestingly, towards the end of the novel, as the heroine becomes more experienced, the tone is more subdued and instead more consciously focused on the connection between the Blaze and her "two husbands."

All in all, BLAZE is an erotic read that will be enjoyed by fans of historical, menage a trois romances.
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