Passions in the North Country

Summer Newman
Passions in the North Country


Release Date
May 2013
Contemporary Romance, Literary Romance, Paranormal Romance

Jenny Ashbury is a beautiful woman from Florida running from a jealous and dangerous ex-boyfriend. She flees to Canada, hiding in an old hotel on the south shore of Nova Scotia. She meets an incredibly handsome and interesting man named Devon North, the mysterious owner of the North Country Inn. She works there for free in exchange for a room where she can disappear like a ghost. In time her brilliant business sense rescues and revives the floundering inn, and she is drawn irresistibly to Devon, a man who unleashes her unfulfilled, wild passions.

Staying at the inn, she soon learns of its ghostly inhabitants: the Captain and a nun named Maria. The lovers lived side by side for decades, separated only by a door without a lock, but they never consummated their burning love, nor ever physically touched, even once. Their spirits wander, destitute, waiting for Jenny and Devon, the perfect couple who will release them with the scorching lovemaking the Captain and Maria craved but never experienced.

Then the mad ex-boyfriend tracks Jenny down...
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